Dave Coulier tapped into his true love of hockey in the first episode of Full House Goodfellas

AT Reddit AMA by Dave Cullier, a Full House alum, revealed that his favorite episode was “The One Where I Played Hockey.” He continued, “Many of my friends participated in this show as extras. Really fun day.” This is the Season 6 episode “The Good Boys Finish First” in which Joey competes in a Bay City charity hockey game. There, he rekindles a rivalry with Stonewall, the goaltender who humiliated Joey in college. The 1992 episode also features Becky as an undercover hockey nut and includes Joey and Michelle discussing the merits of playing as a mean man versus playing as a sausage (it turns out the sweet spot lies somewhere in between).


For Coulier, a big hockey fan, The Good Guys Finish First was a personal favorite for a different reason; he used the episode as an excuse to rock the merch of his beloved Detroit Red Wings, as he did in the show’s opening credits. “Growing up in Detroit, you’re a big fan of the Red Wings,” the actor said. Postgraduate problems. “When Full House started… you didn’t have to pay all those NHL fees or owners and you could just wear what you wanted. in the opening titles, it will be shown on every show if the show is selected.”

Coulier also joked that the team owners thanked him for the free publicity. “Believe me, the owners of the Red Wings, Mr. and Mrs. Illich, thanked me many times for this.


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