Danniella Westbrook shows off incredible panto glam makeup after hospital visit

DANNIELA Westbook has changed dramatically just days after she was taken to the hospital.

The 49-year-old former EastEnders star was photographed on stage during the adult pantomime Sinderfella! In London.



Danniella Westbrook made a glamorous make-up1 credit
The star was photographed on stage during an adult pantomime


The star was photographed on stage during an adult pantomime1 credit
The former EastEnders actress has taken on the role of the fairy godmother in Sinderfella!


The former EastEnders actress has taken on the role of the fairy godmother in Sinderfella!1 credit

In a hot pink dress, long gloves and a tiara on her head, Danniella was clutching a microphone, playing the role of a fairy godmother.

The actress was only asked to appear at the Drury Lane panto for one night, but it was a touch to see if she would actually make it.

Just four days ago, Danniella was photographed in an ambulance as she was taken to the hospital after she fell ill.


Along with a photo in a hospital gown, Danniella later told fans that she “could have had a heart att*ck.”

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Danniella Westbrook Reveals Strep A Diagnosis After Shock Ambulance Photo

“A huge thank you to Whipps Cross and the NHS who managed to stabilize my condition,” she wrote.

“They informed me that if I had left it until morning, I would have had a heart att*ck.”


“The pressure on my chest was so strong.”

Danniella said in the second post: “Septics (sic), Streptococcus A and a constant temperature of 39.8.”

An outbreak of Streptococcus A has swept the country, and doctors are exploring new measures to combat the spread.

Deaths have been seen across the country in London, Belfast and Cardiff.


However, Danniella recovered incredibly quickly and on Monday was able to go to Covent Garden for a Cinderella concert!.

Filming herself in the back seat of a taxi, she told her followers, “I’m just on my way to Covent Garden, Drury Lane, to start my first panto rehearsal tonight.


“So whoever comes to see me bear with me because I didn’t have any rehearsals. I’m literally in rehearsal, then I lock myself up and right on stage. So help!”

She continued, “I’m gutted, I’m only performing for one night, but it’s also sold out, so to anyone riding, drive carefully, travel safely, and I’ll see you all at the curtain at half past six.”

The actress later shared footage of her learning her lines over dinner before her performance.

Danniella is best known for her role as Sam Mitchell on EastEnders and in 2016’s Celebrity Big Brother.

A few days before the hospitalization, she admitted that she had passed out, but said that she doubted whether to call an ambulance.

In a video recorded from her hospital bed, the star asked her army of loyal followers for help.

Danniella said: “I came for advice from people because I keep passing out and I have seizures from time to time.

“I keep getting blackness on this side of my face. I’m covered in sweat, burning, but I’m cold. And my throat is so bad.

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“I can not do anything. I just keep on crying, you know when you’re so sick and you just keep on crying. I want my mom and I’m 49.

“I don’t know what to do, call an ambulance or not. I don’t want to waste people’s time.”

Danniella was taken to the hospital four days ago.


Danniella was taken to the hospital four days ago.1 credit
The star told fans that she was diagnosed with Streptococcus A.


The star told fans that she was diagnosed with Streptococcus A.1 credit

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