Daniela Rua from Los Angeles wants Kenzie to improve her relationship with her mom

In November 2022, Daniela Rua appeared on Wayne Ayers’ podcast to discuss her acting career, with a focus on her role as Kenzie Bly in NCIS: LA. About 18 minutes and 25 seconds their interviewhost Wayne Ayers asked Rua what she could change about Kenzi if given the chance.


“I think I would change my relationship with her mom,” Rua replied. She then went on to reveal how Kenzi ran away from home after her father’s d*ath at a young age and lived independently from her mother (played by Laura Harring) for a while.

“At some point, she comes home and decides to try to get close to her mom. They’re fine, but I think I’d like to explore, maybe create a healthy relationship,” she continued. Rua also shared that she loves Kenzi’s dynamic with Marty Dix’s mom Roberta (Pamela Reed) and would appreciate something similar between Kenzi and her biological mother.

In an interview with Insider TVRua also mentioned Kensi’s broken relationship with her mom in the context of Kenzi becoming the new parent of Rosa Reyes (Natalia Del Riego), her adopted daughter. Rua suggests that Kensi’s distance from her mother means she doesn’t actually have a role model when she’s raising a child on her own. So Kenzi’s new parenting role could very well be her incentive to reunite with her mother if such a storyline ever happens.


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