Dad avenges his daughter in public at Starbucks after a stranger tells her how to wipe

Changing a baby’s diaper in public is a surprisingly (or is it really?) divisive issue. When you’re a parent of one, you have little choice if you’re out on errands, unprepared or without someone to look after your other kids. And as far as audiences go, this sight can really offer some ideas, comments, and even advice on… wipe out strategies.

Yes, you heard it right. That’s exactly what happened to a father who took his three-month-old twins to the supermarket. “While shopping, my daughter pooped, and I mean she pooped. There’s no changing table in the men’s room and no family bathroom,” the dad explained. r/AITA . a post on, After the barista at Starbucks gave him the green light to turn the kid on his back, he got to work.


But it was also the “old lady in her late 40s – early 50s” who had a few things to share with dad. They didn’t welcome it well, so scroll down to see the full story to see how it ended.

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“My daughter defecated while shopping,” he wrote, and since there were no family bathrooms or changing tables in the men’s rooms, he decided to publicly change the baby

But there was one woman who not only came forward to criticize Dad’s “wiping style”, but also did what felt like crossing the border to him.

At this point, Dad told the stranger to crawl, something he now wonders if it was the right thing to do.

For those wondering why dad decided to turn the kid right there in the back of Starbucks, here’s what he had to explain

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And people commented on this whole incident

Others shared how surprised they were about Dad changing his diaper at a table in a cafe



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