Crossover SVU ranked from worst to best

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Detective Elliot Stabler has grown into one of SVU’s most successful characters, with a solid enough fan base to warrant an entirely new spin-off. In Law & Order: Organized Crime, fan favorite Stabler plays an undercover detective taking down crime syndicates in New York City. In the SVU season 22 episode “Return of the Prodigal Son”, Stabler rejoins the team after ten seasons, but under dire circumstances. His wife, Kathy Stabler, is killed in a car b*mbing that apparently targeted Stabler himself. IMDb reviewers give this episode an 8.3 due to Stabler’s exciting and highly anticipated return.


The crossover ends with the premiere of the Organized Crime series “What’s Happening in Puglia”. Detective Benson appears alongside Detective Stabler as he takes on his new role with the Organized Crime Bureau, still mourning the d*ath of his wife. He quickly finds himself face to face with a crime family he suspects is involved in the car b*mbing and takes it upon himself to take them down. The series premiered IMDb a rating of 7.9 and the series is still going strong. Benson and Stabler shared many memorable moments on SVU, and their relationship develops in the world of Organized Crime. Since the d*ath of his wife, Detective Benson has become an even more important support system for Stabler, and fans are looking forward to seeing how that connection unfolds in future seasons.

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