Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore has a favorite compliment he receives from fans

During interview with Task X, Shemar Moore spoke about the layers that Morgan received at his request. “What I love about my character is that he looks very alpha male and tough, like he can fight anyone, but he has vulnerabilities, he has weaknesses and he has charm.”


Morgan’s portrayal is a refreshing take on the stereotype of the manly man that audiences expect from Hollywood because he really fits the role, but he also breaks everything about it. Allowing Morgan to have multiple facets of his character, including a secret in his backstory that helps explain why he is the way he is, allows fans to see the real person and not a caricature. These details also help fans see a reflection of their own experiences in Morgan.

Moore says the best compliment he can get is when people appreciate his work for what it means to them on a personal level. “The biggest compliment I get on the street, so to speak, is not ‘Oh I love your show’ or ‘You are my favorite character’ but ‘I identify with your character and I love watching your work.’ .’ That’s a compliment”.

That your work is so well-received by fans that it goes beyond just saying you’re a favorite on the show matters more than most of the compliments actors get on a day-to-day basis. Moore seems to take to heart how much this means.



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