Criminal Minds’ Aisha Tyler admires workaholic Tara Lewis

Aisha Tyler and her character in Criminal Minds: Evolution attended Dartmouth College, an Ivy League private school in New Hampshire. But this is not the only thing that unites them, according to the actor.


“I’m a real workaholic,” Tyler said. “I don’t apologize for that. I love what I do and find immersing myself in my creative and work life very energizing.”

She says this is a trait she shares with Dr. Lewis. “Tara came to BAU in a relationship that ended pretty quickly which led to her working there and she was dedicated to the job and I definitely think I share that with Tara… Also, especially as a woman, I don’t. I don’t I believe in apologizing for ambition, and I don’t think Tara either. She is really purposeful, unabashed, unambiguous. I like that about her. She knows how important the work she does is and she literally saves lives. I respect this dedication very much. I really admire her.”

Criminal Minds: Evolution airs Thursdays on Paramount+.


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