Coco Austin Defends Maintaining ‘S*xiness’ After Welcoming Daughter

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Coco Austin has defended her “s*xiness” after giving birth to her daughter.

It comes as many have criticized the 43-year-old model about her parenting choices.

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Earlier, Coco Austin defended her decision to breastfeed her daughter Chanel…

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The TV personality responded to those who criticized his decision in an interview. We weekly.

“The channel still likes my BBB,” she said.

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“It’s a big bond for a mother and your child.”

Speaking with the outlet, she revealed that she still breastfeeds Chanel because she “likes a little snack every now and then.”

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However, she also “eats steak and hamburgers.”

He added: “Why take that away from her? … If she doesn’t want it, fine, you stop her. But I’m not going to just say no.”

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Breastfeeding after a certain age can be a controversial choice, which is why Austin has defended her decision on multiple occasions in the past.


In 2019, Austin spoke out. in touch Where she revealed that she expects the channel to know when it’s time to stop.

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“She won’t want me when she doesn’t want me,” he said.

“Trust me, she’s not going to be sixteen and be like, ‘Mom, can I have a b*b? And then a car.’

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“She’s going to go through a time in her life where she’s like, ‘OK, I got this mom, I don’t need you.’ And at this point she still wants me so I’m going to accept it,” she said.


In 2020, Austin also revealed that Chanel was basically nursing at the time “just for comfort”.

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Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “Believe me, the girl likes meat so it’s not like she’s not eating real food. Thanks to everyone who understands my point of view. I see that Most of you are eager to be with me and I am rooting for you on your journey. Our mothers are bound.”

In her interview with Us Weekly, Austin also talked about her daughter’s bedtime routine.

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As he explained, he and his partner, Ice-T, “don’t begrudge” their daughter for staying up late.

“We are more than night entertainment. People have to understand, we have different hours. Sometimes, I work until 2 in the morning.

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“When [Ice-T’s] On tour, he’s doing a show at twelve o’clock at night… so we move it differently. Chanel wakes up at eleven in the morning,” he explained.

Austin also revealed that she lets her daughter decide where she sleeps, with her sometimes choosing to sleep in bed with her parents.

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And she recently defended herself again after facing backlash for bathing her daughter in the kitchen sink.

Austin shared a TikTok of her daughter in sync while she was getting ready for the Patricia Field fashion show.

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Chanelle can be seen playing on her iPad in the sink, while Austin gets excited for the event.


Mom explained: “The sink is the easiest when you have to be quick.”

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And it seems some were not happy with his decision.

“I think she’s a little old for a sink,” wrote one TikTok user.

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While another added: “She’s definitely old enough to bathe herself.”

Austin took the latter. Twitter To defend his “unconventional” parenting decision.

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“Whoa just whoa! Here we go again!” He wrote about the reaction. “Bathing my lil girl in the sink went viral? SMH!

“Guys, you’ll know by now that I’m an unconventional mom.

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“I do what works and is easy for me. Some people want to take some pointers instead of ragging on me!” she said.

You can watch the video that caused the controversy. Here.

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Austin soon targeted the trolls Again


He spoke about the backlash he received online. Page six At Heidi Klum’s Halloween party.

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“They’re just like that on me,” Austin revealed.

He added: “But the thing is, I think everyone is a hypocrite because they do something weird in their house.”

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Austin shared that he doesn’t see why people are so upset about his parenting choices.

“I don’t think it’s weird to bathe my daughter in the sink.

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“If I have a big sink, why not? It’s easier for me,” he said.

“And if I have to take her everywhere and it’s easy to bring a stroller, why not? She’s small, she’s very small, and it’s convenient.”

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“I just don’t understand. Why go after me over something so stupid? It’s a stroller. It’s our baby in a sink,” Austin continued.

“Like, come on guys, the next thing you’re going to say is, ‘Oh, you’re kissing her wrong,’ you know?” she said.

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The TV personality also told the outlet that she’s “very careful because everyone says I play a s*xy mom, they’re always looking at me under a microscope.”

Austin added that she is very protective of her daughter…

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And that she “knows right from wrong” when it comes to her care.

“I’m very protective of him, and during the war he follows me for these little things? I’m like, ‘Really guys, you’re going to follow me?’ Does that even make sense?” she said.

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Austin also talked about her daughter using social media and how to monitor what she posts.

“Chanel really loves social media right now and it’s scary to see that she’s so innocent about the world,” Austin shared. “In my eyes, there are things that I have to cringe at and be like, ‘Baby, the world’s not going to see it the way you see it.’ We see it but can’t post it.

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She continued: “The channel knows how to post before asking me so I don’t know what will be posted first and I don’t worry about what she will post but other people about the posting. What can I think?”

Austin recently engaged in a conversation with Tamron Hall, where she broke down while talking about the online parenting police.

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“I’m under a microscope all the time, and you don’t hear what you do well,” she said. E! News‘ A Glimpse of Tuesday Tamron Hall Episode.

Austin said, “You don’t hear the good, you only hear a lot of bad.

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“And I know I’m a good mother.”

He added: “Putting everything aside, my career, everything, just for this… you just want a little love, you want a little respect from people.”

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Austin also clarified that she can be s*xy and “still be a mom.”

According to Page sixthe model also told Tamron Hall that she “doesn’t think people need to change after having a baby.”

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She even said that some people thought she would change the way she dresses because she has a baby.

“I think people thought, being Coco, I was going to have a baby and start wearing different clothes. [and] Acting different, but it’s the same, I’m still myself but like a mother.

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“I’m still in my apathy and can still be a mom,” Austin said.

“I don’t need to close it.”

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She also said that she is “not dirty” because she wears “tight” clothes.

Austin explained.

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