Close Friend of Coolio Claims the Rapper’s Cause of Death

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Coleo has tragically died at the age of 59, and now his friend has revealed the cause of his d*ath…

And he has cleared the rumours.

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Arts Leon Ivy Jr. was born in 1963.

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and became a popular rapper, record producer, and actor under his professional name, Coolio.

Their biggest hit was the iconic ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’.

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The song won a Grammy when it was released in 1995.

Coolio also had several other standout musical hits.

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including ‘Fantastic Voyage’ (1994), ‘1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)’ (1996), and ‘CU When U Get There’ (1997) — and even Canon and Cal Theme tune!

Collio was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Compton, LA.

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and worked as a firefighter and security guard before his breakthrough into the local rap scene.


Their first single ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’ was released in 1987.

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Coolio then joined the rap collective WC and Maad Circle.

His first album It takes a thief. was released in 1994.

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He was widely praised, especially for bringing lightness and humor to the rap genre, which at the time was usually more violent and gloomy.

Coolio maintained this sense of humor throughout his life.

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Since the mega success of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ Coolio has released 6 more studio albums with varying levels of success.

He also transitioned into reality TV.

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His first appearance was at a German show. Returns which was about recording artists looking to improve their careers.


He then appeared in the UK Celebrity big brother In 2009, finished third in the show’s finale.

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After this success he returned. The ultimate big brother in 2010, but left the house due to fights with other housemates.

He has appeared in a whole host of classic reality TV shows.

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including Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Kickoff, Wife Changed Listand UK Game Show Tipping Point: Lucky Stars.

Coolio also made cameo appearances in several TV shows…

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including Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Gravity FallsAnd Nanny.

He also enjoyed working as a professional chef!

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His web series Cooking with Coolio was a huge hit, and she released a companion cookbook.

Coleo married Josefa Salinas in 1996, and they divorced in 2000.

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He has 6 children.


Coolio has been open about his struggle with asthma throughout his life.

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She was hospitalized for asthma complications as a child, and her children suffer from it as well.

He has also been a spokesperson for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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The rapper has also been a spokesperson for environmental justice and climate change.

Along with adult entertainer Cheri Deville, she ran for office in 2020.

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But sadly (for some) his Democratic presidential run was a failure.

On September 28, it was announced that Coleo had tragically died.

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The news came as a surprise to fans around the world.

Law enforcement sources said TMZ That paramedics were called to a Los Angeles home around 4pm on Wednesday for a medical emergency…

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According to reports, the police have launched an investigation into the d*ath but there are no signs of foul play. However, sources have said that the coroner will make a final decision after the post-mortem.


Sources said TMZ That no dr*gs or drug paraphernalia were found at the scene and that an autopsy and toxicology tests will be used to determine the official cause of d*ath.

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But what exactly happened?

Coolio visited a friend late Wednesday afternoon, and his longtime manager, JarezThey said Kolyo went to the bathroom at his friend’s house, but when he didn’t come out after a while, the friend kept calling him…

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Eventually, he went inside and found Kolyo lying on the floor. When paramedics arrived, they pronounced Coolio dead at the scene, although his friend told reporters he suspected he had suffered a heart att*ck.

Since then, his friend has spoken out about the rapper’s seriousness amid rumors that he died of a drug overdose…

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And revealed how he hasn’t touched alcohol and dr*gs in years.

Eric Yano, a Vegas-based friend of the late rapper who has known him for 18 years, said Daily mail That: “He would never appear drunk or like most people on any other planet. I never saw him drink alcohol. He usually had a glass of water.

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“A lot of people would have wanted to smoke with him but he never smoked. I was shocked yesterday when he passed away. Was it something health related?” Yano said.

“But I was with him just a few weeks ago, and he seemed perfectly fine. No mention of any heart condition or any medical condition,” he added.

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Law enforcement sources also said “no dr*gs or drug paraphernalia were found at the scene,” but an autopsy is still underway.

Rest in peace, Coleo.

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