Chris Wallace Grills Andy Cohen On ‘The Real Housewives’ & Hoping ‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah Got No Jail Time Despite Guilty Plea In Fraud Case

Andy Cohen usually asks the questions but when the tables are turned. Real Housewives The executive producer made an appearance on HBO Max’s. Who is talking to Chris Wallace?

Chris Wallace put Cohen in the hot seat when he brought him up. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Star Jain Shah, who was recently sentenced to 6.5 years in prison after being found guilty in a telemarketing fraud scheme.


“You’re on record as saying last November that you hope he doesn’t get jail time,” Wallace said. “And my question is, ‘Why would you take his side against the thousands of people he has deceived, including many elders?'”

Cohen looked upset and said, “I guess I was hoping he was really innocent. I wouldn’t have…”

Wallace interrupted and reminded Watch what happens live The host said that Shah had already confessed at that time.


“That was before he pleaded guilty, I mean I said that, I would think,” Cohen said before Wallace corrected him, “No, I think after that. was.”


Cohen was at a loss for words and simply said, “Oh, really? Oh my God.” He then explained that he didn’t know what the context was when he said it, but he believed it was when fans were asking what was going to happen to Shah. RHOSLC.

The Bravo star agreed with Wallace that Shah should go to prison, arguing that “sometimes you get to know someone and you grow to like them, you hope they’re not guilty of something horrible.”


Wallace played clips of some memorable scenes Real Housewives Over the years, Cohen became defensive over the franchise.

“I think it can be really confrontational, it can sometimes be something that’s a little hard to swallow,” he said, defending his shows. “But I think it’s also about the real great moments, it’s about being a wife, and a mother, and a sister, and a friend and so much more. So, yeah, it’s everything. [fights] And then there’s more.”

Watch the interview in the video below.

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