Chicago PD fans think that Marina Squerciati played some of the best scenes

Chicago P.D. fans discussed some of the show’s best scenes. Reddit, and while many of the show’s stars received compliments, several fans were quick to take notice of Marina Skverchati’s performance in some of Kim’s most emotional moments. Burgess’ most heartbreaking moment on Chicago P.D. is arguably her m*scarriage in season 7, and fans feel that Squeerciati’s performance led to tragedy.


“Miscarriage Kim. I still have to just skip this whole scene, it’s too visceral for me.” y / cyaragemmam wrote about a scene that they consider to be one of the best acting moments in the series.

“Haley’s panic att*ck and Burgess’s m*scarriage are two of the best things that come to my mind. you / islux333 wrote giving Tracey Spiridakos an image of Hayley Upton no credit as they were praising Burgess.

User u/Missplum66 brought Burgess’ theme to the tragic moment of the d*ath of Alvin Olecki (Elias Kotas) in Season 4. The silent scene in the hospital waiting room when Hank announced Alvin’s d*ath. Burgess breaks down, and Adam hugs her, I cry terribly, they admitted. Redditors you/warming kittens as well as u/januarysdaughteralso pointed to scenes by Burgess that touched them to their core thanks to Squerciati’s acting.



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