Chicago PD fans furious after Halstead’s departure from Season 10 of Bizarre

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In true Dick Wolf style, eight years of character development was swept away in the blink of an eye. After saying goodbye to Voight at the airport, Jay leaves for Bolivia without saying goodbye to the rest of his colleagues. “THIS DOES NOT END” @heavenzsecret tweeted after Halstead’s final episode. “Jay’s departure from the show was terrible… I was expecting a lot more drama and flare.” @kaseskamille added. Hayley only shed a few tears, but as a Twitter user said, it wasn’t a very dramatic episode for OG to leave.


“Jay forgot he was married and didn’t bother to discuss it with his wife before making such a drastic decision on the spot. @grios1979 said about Halstead’s strange behavior. “This is absolute nonsense. Jay would NEVER leave like that. You destroyed 10 years of growth in 3 episodes. Why do it? It’s so rushed and so badly written.” @Always wins added to the fire. We still don’t know why Jesse Lee Soffer left Chicago P.D., but given how weird his latest episodes have been, it doesn’t look like this story has been in development for a while. “I understand that Jay will break down at some point, but doing it in the last 3 episodes doesn’t make sense. Like he’s been through the worst. Why now?” @crazyforinfo asked.

Many Chicago P.D. fans chose to ignore their disappointment and thanked Soffer for his dedication to the series and praised his performance. Others hope he returns to action, hoping to be reunited with Hailey. A few fans have also been pushing for a spin-off with Jay in Bolivia, but we wouldn’t advise anyone to get their hopes up for that ending.

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