Chicago Fire Main Characters Ranked from Worst to Best

With Matt Casey gone, Kelly Severide has arguably become a main character on Chicago Fire, and his presence is one of the most important. Taylor Kinney is infinitely charming and charismatic in this role. Despite a rocky relationship with Casey in the first season, based on blaming the d*ath of a mutual friend and colleague, the two become best friends, and their friendship becomes one of the cornerstones of the cast’s dynamics.


Although Severide is a very likable character, he also has some negative qualities. For example, in the first season, he manipulates his roommate and close friend Leslie Shay (Lauren German) into using her position as a paramedic to slip him dr*gs he is not allowed to take because of his addiction. Additionally, when his girlfriend (and future wife) Stella Kidd tries to take her lieutenant’s exam, Severide avoids her for several days in an attempt to make it look like he’s not the reason she got into the program. Instead of letting her know, he is brief with her and refuses to speak.

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