‘Cheers’ & ‘Veronica Closet’ Star, Reality TV Vet Was 71 –

Christy Alley, who won an Emmy. Cheers And went to lead Veronica’s closet and appeared in several informal shows, died of c*ncer, According to a post on her official Instagram account (read it below). She was 71 years old.

Ellie earned five consecutive lead actress Emmy nominations for playing Rebecca Howe on Chairs from 1988-93, joining the NBC comedy in its sixth season after original star Shelley Long left. He won an Emmy in 1991. Ellie also won an Emmy for her role in the 1994 telefilm. David’s mother and was nominated for her lead in NBC’s Veronica’s Closet in 1998. He also had an Emmy nomination for his supporting role in the 1997 miniseries. The Last Dawn


Born on January 12, 1951 in Wichita, Kansas, Alley began her screen career in the late 1970s, playing the role of Savage in the 1982 hit film. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He landed his first starring TV role in the short-lived ABC drama series. excuse, Opposite Rod Taylor and Greg Evigan. It aired from December 1983 to April 1984.

She continued to land roles on the big screen including 1984 The runaway And Blind datebefore starring in the acclaimed 1985 miniseries North and South. She reprized her Virgilia Hazzard role for the 1986 miniseries North and South: Book II.

Ellie co-starred. Prince of Bel Air (1986), with Tom Harmon. But after that Cheers Called.

When she joined the series, Cheers Was a top 10 smash. His popularity would continue to grow as his Rebecca Howe joined the sitcom as the bar’s new manager — after Sam Malone (Ted Danson) sold it and returned looking for a job. The famously womanizing Malone was immediately attracted to Howe, but she was a corporate ladder climber who had no interest in the aging former ballplayer. At least at first.


Ted Denison and Christy Alley in ‘Cheers’ C. 1990 (Everett Collection)

Cheers It finished its first season as the No. 3 series in primetime—through three network tenures—and would remain a top 10 show until its 12-season run ended in May 1993. The “must see TV” series ranked first overall in the 1989–90 season with a 21.3 rating.

She appeared in several other features in the mid-80s, including 1988 shoot to kill, opposite Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger, and would be his most recognizable role as the star. look who’s talking 1988 comedy directed by Amy Heckerling also starring John Travolta, George Segal and Olympia Dukakis. It spawned a pair of sequels. Look who it is. Also talk (1990) and Look who’s talking now. (1993), and Ellie starred in both.

Sher continued to do film and guest TV roles before landing the lead role in the NBC workplace comedy. Veronica’s Closet, opposite Kathy Najmi and Wallace Langham. Ellie plays Veronica “Ronnie” Chase, a successful businesswoman who leads a mail-order lingerie company and author. A guide to a fairy tale wedding. But when her husband leaves for a younger woman, Ronnie takes her frustrations out on her staff.

The series, which debuted in September 1997, was an early smash, finishing that season as the No. 3 series in primetime. It finished fifth in the 1998–99 season – including a guest shot by Denison who arrives on a plumbing call – but then fell out of favor with viewers and in June 2000, reality TV started hitting. American airwaves.


As the Internet went mainstream, Ellie faced negative publicity about her weight. In 2005, he toplined the semi-scripted Showtime series. fat actress, Trying to make it back into the spotlight by playing a version of himself as a once-popular TV star. The series lasted one season, and Ally began doing commercials for Jenny Craig.

In 2013, it topped the line. Christy, A TV Land sitcom about a Broadway actress who reconnects with the son she gave up at birth (Eric Peterson). Michael Richards and Ellie’s ex Cheers Castmate Rhea Perlman co-starred in the sitcom that aired in 2013–14.

By then, Ellie had embarked on a second career in reality TV. She described her weight loss journey. Christy Alley’s Big Life, which aired on A&E for one season but earned the star for reaching her goal weight. In 2011, Ellie was a contestant on season 12. Dancing with the stars, partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Hines Ward and Kim Johnson were runners-up.

Ellie then crossed the Atlantic and was cast in a 2015 UK reality series. Time Crashers, which followed a group of celebrities as they are transported to experience “lower class” life. In 2018 she returned to the UK as a housemate Celebrity Big Brother 22, where she finished second. Her last reality show was as Baby Mammoth on Fox. The masked singer this year.

His recent series guest appearances. Goldberg, Flocked And the middle, With a season-long arc on the Fox horror comedy Scream Queens In 2016.


All the while, Ellie was a popular guest among the conversationalists. The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, The Talk, Rachael Ray, The Wendy Williams Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Rosie O’Donnell Show. She also appeared in several award shows and game shows.

Here’s the full Instagram post:

To all friends far and wide around the world…

We are saddened to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with c*ncer, which was recently diagnosed.

She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with the never-ending joy of her life and the confidence to take on whatever adventures lie ahead. As famous as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother.


We are grateful to the incredible team of doctors and nurses at Moffitt Cancer Center for their care.

Our mother’s zest for life, her children, grandchildren and her many animals, not to mention her eternal joy in creation, was unparalleled and inspired us to live life to the fullest. are as he did.

We thank you for your love and prayers and ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.

Sach and Lily Parker

More to come…

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