Chapter 4′ Is the Hardest Film He’s Ever Made

Keanu Reeves has opened up about what it was like to film. John Wick: Chapter 4

And it turns out that it was quite challenging for the actor.

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If there’s one thing the internet can agree on, it’s that Keanu Reeves is a cool guy.

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The actor currently resides in the Hollywood Hills after rising to fame in an impressive range of massively successful films.

Do you recognize him? Bill & Ted’s Best Adventure (1989) which tells the story of two lazy people who travel through time?

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It was so successful that a sequel followed: Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey In 1991

Or how about his 1992 appearance in the gothic horror romance, Bram Stoker’s Dracula?

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His performance in the rather subdued film has been universally appreciated.


He also acted in the cop thriller Buddy, point break, In 1991, with Gary Busey and Patrick Swayze.

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It was a commercial disaster and gained a cult following.


He continued this trend in 1994 speed.

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The thrilling thriller tells the story of a rigged bus that will explode when it slows down. Keanu starred alongside Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper, but has since overshadowed the film by refusing to star in the sequel. Because? “The movies I wanted to make were the movies I wanted to see.” Ouch

But there is one role that really turned Keanu into a household name…

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His role as Nine Matrix Franchise

The films are still considered touchstones in the science fiction genre.

While he may be an incredible actor, Keanu’s talents don’t end there…

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He is also a talented musician and spent many years playing bass for alternative rock bands, dog star, In the 90s


Despite his success, Keanu has lived a hard life.

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From a very young age, Keanu experienced grief.

Keanu’s father walked out on the family when he was just 3 years old…

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He was eventually arrested for drug possession in 1994, causing Keanu to never have contact with his father again.


His younger sister, Kim, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of twenty-five.

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He also suffered a tragedy when he and Jennifer Sime lost their child. The baby was born on Christmas Eve, a month before the due date.

Many can expect the heartbreak and pain that experience makes it bittersweet…

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But, instead, it’s the exact opposite as Keanu has become an incredible philanthropist. He is known for supporting a wide range of philanthropic causes, from PETA to Stand Up to Cancer.

It has even quietly funded children’s c*ncer hospitals over the years.

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It’s no wonder he’s developed a huge online fan following.

A little unusual is that some of them believe that he is actually immortal.

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Now, there’s no denying that Keanu ages like fine wine, but there’s a different reason behind his theory.

According to the official Keanu Reeves is immortal. Judging from the website, he bears a suspicious resemblance to the 8th century king, Charlemagne, and the 19th century actor Paul Monet.

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Crazy, right?

Well, that’s not all. The website launched first, piggybacking on Reddit threads Questioning why he looks the same as he did when he first started out in Hollywood.

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Fans shared photos of him throughout the ages, and conspiracy theories grew from there.

He finally returned the views in 2017. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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And he did not deny them.

“We’re all stardust, baby!” He said in response to Fallon.

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Fallon showed him his likeness Doppelgängers: Charlemagne, Paul Mounet, and the figure of a man in a painting by Parmigianino, used to ‘confirm’ that he is immortal.

Like the rest of us, he was quite shocked by the resemblance.

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But does this prove that he is immortal?

You can watch the video. Here.

Keanu proves that he is an ideal gentleman…

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Its a sweet story speed Co-star Sandra Bullock also went viral!

He told Esquire That the couple was talking about champagne and truffles…

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And Bell revealed that he has never tried a luxurious combination!

A few days later Keano arrived at his doorstep.

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“I just thought you might like to try champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like,” he told her.

“He sat on the couch. Bell poured some champagne, and they opened the truffles,” according to the Esquire piece.

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“Keanu put out his hands without a word, and the bull painted black as his fingernails.”

Then another Keanu fact took the internet by storm…

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In a viral tweet, a Keanu fan created a collage of photos of the star meeting women.

But the eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed Keanu keeping a respectful distance from each of his female fans, careful not to touch their bodies.

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And one fan pointed out that, by not imposing physical contact on his fans, Keanu likely makes them feel closer to him.

It often seems that the more we learn about certain celebrities, the more trash they seem.

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But with Keanu, the opposite is true – and we’re truly grateful that there’s a star like him in the world.

You can see the pictures. Here.

And now, Keanu has opened up about his latest project…

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John Wick: Chapter 4.

The actor revealed that it was the “most difficult film” he has ever done.

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He made these surprising comments during this year’s Comic Con experience in Brazil.

Keanu said: “John Wick 4 It is the most difficult film I have ever done.

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“Action-wise, it’s the hardest film I’ve ever done. But that’s what makes it good.”

It looks like Wick is making even more enemies in the latest installment of the franchise…

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Keanu said: “The table is the world above the world. And the people, the m*rderers, are as boundless as grains of sand on the seashore under the table.”

“So there [are] A lot of people are coming after John Wick.

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“But really, for John Wick the film[s]It’s really just the invention of the scene, right? How can you do these scenes?”

And director Chad Stahelesk has confirmed that Keanu is training hard for the film…

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He told IGN that Keanu had insisted on developing Vic’s skills, even taking nunchuck training;

He said: “Keanu does nunchucks in the film, which you’ve seen in the trailer.

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“Keanu spent months fleshing himself out, getting good at nunchucks. Confused, right-handed, left-handed, gun-toting. The f***ing guy is so good at it.

You can watch the trailer. Here.

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