Channel 7 2023: Lots of reality shows, very few scripts

If you’re a reality TV fan, you’ll love Channel 7’s 2023 program. Anyone looking for Australian scripted programming would be better off looking elsewhere.

Script offers are few and far between, and Channel 7 is committed to a second season RFDSdrama by Steve Peacock dedicated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and Home and away.


There is a new series called Claremont Murders but it was actually announced this time last year, originally scheduled for release in 2022. This means that Channel 7 has not identified any new commissions in the scenario.

Commercial free-to-air broadcasters, especially Channel 7 and Channel 9, have largely abandoned script space in favor of streaming platforms and public service broadcasters ABC and SBS.

Reality shows are cheaper to produce and give more hours with the ability to release multiple episodes a week.

But if reality TV gets your engines going, there are plenty of other options, including a mix of old favorites and new experiments.


Here are Channel 7 highlights for 2023:

Explode: A series of competitions in which contestants use their balloon handling skills to create works of art. A simple pink elephant will not be enough to win. The show will be hosted by Stephen Curry and Becky Lucas.

million dollar island: international format adapted for Australian screens and hosted CACAnt Middleton. In the series, 100 people on an island compete for a million dollars in various games and challenges.

Claremont Murders: Based on Washington’s infamous Claremont m*rder case, this is the story of the disappearance of three young women and a years-long quest for justice. The series stars Kate Ritchie, Eric Thomson, Rian Johnson, Katherine Van Davies, Aaron Glenane, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and Joel Jackson.


scammer: A documentary series about the infamous Australian con artist Samantha Azzopardi. It tells her unusual story in which she tricked people into thinking she was a Russian gymnast on the run from human trafficking and a teenager on the run from a kidnapper.

Club 1%: The Australian version of the British quiz puts logic and common sense above general knowledge. Each show starts with 100 contestants before they are cut, and the winner must answer a question correctly that only 1 percent of the people know. Comedian Jim Jefferies will host.

We are interrupting this broadcast.: A comedy format in which funny folk pokes fun at TV shows, internet trends, and all-round “content”. Comedians will include Christy Whelan Brown, Greg Larsen, Bridie Connell and Adele Vuko.

Animals on board with Dr. Harry: Dr. Harry Cooper will be leading this series of observations about animals traveling the world.

Quantum leap: Scott Bakula’s series is being revived, but without the main character. But that’s okay, because Raymond Lee, Ernie Hudson and Caitlin Bassett will be on hand to travel through time and space.


Litvinenko: British mini-series chronicling the extraordinary events surrounding the p*osoning of Alexander Litvinenko and the subsequent investigation. Starring David Tennant and Mark Bonnar.

without sin: Vicki McClure hosts this drama about a grieving mother who develops an unusual relationship with the man she believes killed her daughter.

More seasons are back online Voice, The farmer wants a wife, My kitchen rules, CAC Australia, Kitchen Nightmares Australia, Chase Australia, The best houses and gardens, It is your life, Border Security, Highway Patrol as well as Code 1.

Big Brother has been changed and will now be subtitled house of love. The reality show will only feature single housemates looking for love (and let’s be honest, Instagram fame).

Event coverage includes the Logie Awards and Oscars, while sports include the Women’s World Cup, Bathurst 1000, AFL, cricket, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and the Super Bowl.


Channel 7 also announced it has signed a content deal with NBCUniversal Global Distribution, giving it access to a range of titles including The finala heist thriller starring Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe that will air on 7Plus.

As part of the deal, Channel 7 will launch another additional channel, 7Bravo. It will be home to episodes of the show, including The Real Housewives of Miami, Real Housewives of Dubai, southern hospitality, real girlfriends, Black Widow m*rders, Buried in the backyard, Adventure below deck as well as Love without borders.

However, these are mostly reruns and archival seasons. Foxtel* and Hayu hold the first Australian rights to these games.

*Foxtel is majority owned by News Corp, the publisher of this website.

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