Challenge Australia final drew zero spectators in Brisbane

Channel 10 hit a new catastrophic low in ratings after the finale of its latest reality show drew zero viewers in Brisbane.

Calling AustraliaThe ‘all-star’ show Ten, which debuted in November, was pushed to a later timeslot just a week after its lackluster premiere, before it was eventually moved to the network’s multichannel channel, 10 Shake, earlier this month.


And now the ratings of the final on Wednesday night – and they are bleak.

According to the Australian TV website TV tonightthe show drew only 11,000 viewers and not a single viewer tuned in to Brisbane.

Bachelor alum Kiki Morris and Ninja WarriorTroy Cullen of Troy Cullen won the final episode, each taking home a hefty $100,000 cash prize.


Ten did not send out a press release after the finale aired, which is unusual for a television finale on a major network.


TV tonight Editor David Knox told that the later timeslot and banishment to multi-channel did not improve his chances in the ratings, but acknowledged that the show had not “captured the public’s imagination”.

“The TV landscape is filled with many ambitious reality shows that offer big concepts and big prizes, but still don’t capture the public’s imagination. This leaves the network with a dilemma of where to fulfill its obligations,” Knox said.


“When CompetitionTen moved him to later slots and eventually to low-level multi-channel mode, where those who stayed with him seemed pleased with the result.

Knox suggested Calling Australia was part of Paramount+’s global game, so it served a wider purpose than local ratings. Winners Kiki and Troy will now continue to compete in the global championship against winners from around the world, which will be streamed live.

“Troy and Kiki move to Challenge: World Championshipwhich is the key to all decisions here,” Knox added.

“Ten is part of a larger picture in which Paramount is pushing global formats, including Competition as well as true love boat. This begs the question, does Ten program with one hand behind his back?


It’s not uncommon for shows with zero viewers given that networks air content 24/7, however it’s rare for a series that was launched in prime time as a rival to reality shows like Nine. Block.

Prior decision to move Competition 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. came after its audience hit a season low of just 136,000 city metro viewers in its second week on the air, compared to the 257,000 viewers who tuned in for its release.


Ten also began airing double episodes to speed up the season. The same fate befell Ten’s other failed reality shows. True Love Boat, Australiawhen it premiered in October with low ratings.

Competitionwhich followed the tried and tested international format and was likened to survivorthe start was rocky even before it went on the air, when it was ridiculed relentlessly after the unveiling of the “celebrity” cast in September.

Ten’s social media announcement advertised a list of 22 actors as “Australia’s most talked about celebrities”, but this was met with some derision given that the 22 “stars” were mostly former reality TV stars.

Hosted by non-binary broadcaster Brychoni Dawson, the series featured Brooke Blairton, Brittany Hockley and Kjarran Stott, to name but a few.

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