Celebs Are Calling Other Celebs 2021

Featuring Zayn Malik, Madonna, Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood.



50 Cent made fun of Madonna’s lingerie “She’s Madonna under the bed trying to ‘Like a Virgin’ at age 63. If she doesn’t lift her old ass, she gets shot,” said the photoshoot on Twitter. He replied saying:


Britney Spears destroyed To avoid a question about her stereotyping on the Christina Aguilera red carpet:

Britney Spears Asks Christina Aguilera To Walk Away From A Question About Her Stereotype Ending.

Twitter: @PopCrave



and that destroyed Her sister Jamie Lynn for her performance of her songs at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. He edited the post to say:


Nicki Minaj tweeted This on Jessie J, who said that Nicki heard “Bang Bang” and immediately wanted to be on it:



Courtney Stodden called Chrissy Teigen years ago for bullying her when she was a teenager. ,[Chrissy] Will not only publicly tweet about me taking ‘a shit nap’ but will privately DM me and ask me to kill myself. things like, ‘I can’t wait for you to die,'” they said Daily Beasts:


Halle Berry called On Twitter, radio host Rob Lederman, who made disgusting comments about black women:

Disgusting. It’s ridiculous that this type of crap is still being broadcast on the airwaves. Rob Lederman, all black women are beautiful and worthy. GTFOH.

Twitter: @halbery


bretman rock Explained How David Dobrik hooked up with her at an awards show on Instagram Live:


@bretmanrock / Via Instagram: @bretmanrock

“I went to his desk to show my friends my prize and this bastard white bitch – I wasn’t even talking to him – he turns to me and goes, ‘Who are you? What do you do? You What won?'” Bretman explained. “Who am I? What the fuck did I win? And what the fuck am I doing, bitch? First, I’m not fucking you. You have to explain. Second, they literally said our names and categories right after one shit.”


Bhad Bhabhaya gone On his YouTube channel for calling on Dr. Phil to send people to turn-about camps, which he alleges is outrageous:

He demanded an apology from Dr. Phil.

Iggy Azalea Expose Her DMs on TikTok, which featured a bunch of thirsty celebs. Their names were blurry, but fans were able to decipher who probably wrote them:

1 1


Model Lisa D’Amato took to the Instagram reels call Tyra Banks in the video “Dear Tyra Banks”. She elaborated on her abuse America’s Next Top Model,


Seth Rogen and Ted Cruz reunite in one big, back-and-forth Twitter Fight After Senator Criticizes President Joe Biden rejoined Paris Climate Agreement:

Twitter: @Sethrogen


Zain Shah The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Called out Lisa Barlow on Twitter for “switching sides” on the show:

@LisaBarlow7 Because you turned out to be faster than a burnt pancake that’s why everyone is talking about you.

Twitter: @TheRealJenShah


Rose McGowan Called Oprah “fake” in a scathing post about herself and Harvey Weinstein on Twitter:

I’m glad more people are seeing the ugly truth of @Oprah. I wish she was real, but she isn’t. From being friends with Weinstein to giving up & destroying the victims of Russell Simon, she’s about supporting an ailing power structure for personal gain, she’s as fake as they come. #Lizard

Twitter: @rosemcgowan /Kevin Mazur/WireImage/via Getty


And finally, Jake Paul later said this to Gigi Hadid reports A physical altercation between Yolanda Hadida and Zayn Malik revealed:

Twitter: @jakepaul

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