The pizza maker tries to explain to the couple that they ordered too many toppings and won’t cook the pizza, they insist and the worker maliciously complies.

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Animals, food, and other objects reimagined as anime characters in this artist’s 25 illustrations (new photos)

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The Critics Choice Awards 2023 TV nominations have been announced – see the full list of nominees!

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Pregnant MIL skips Thanksgiving dinner after throwing the food she brought in the trash

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“Yep, Those Are Bad Parents”: 35 Signs Of Bad Parenting, According To Members Of This Online Group

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How incredibly similar some pets and their owners are, 142 photos

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This Canadian Artist Creates More Ridiculously Funny Comics With Unexpected Endings (58 New Photos)

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Customer Maliciously Complies And Calls This Restaurant In Front Of Staff When They Said The Discount Applies Only To Phone Orders

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Guy wants to dump his GF after she ruins his trust by acting dangerously during an armed robbery.

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