Carrot Top didn’t like his most iconic Family Guy line

During his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience (via YouTube), Carrot Top told listeners about his creative process and various sources of inspiration over the years. This is a surprisingly serious conversation for a man whose job is as silly as Carrot Top’s, and during the conversation about his Family Guy cameo, you can see that he takes his work in comedy seriously, to the point of resenting it. that his work is distorted in the series.


“They sent me the script,” Carrot Top recalled, and when the comedian saw See-Saw’s gag, he protested, telling Family Show creator Seth MacFarlane that it didn’t match what his material was actually like. “But See Saw is really… stupid,” Carrot Top recalls, telling McFarlane, only to find out that it was McFarlane himself who wrote the joke (with the intention of making it “stupid,” but still!). Unfortunately, even if MacFarlane had wanted to use Carrot Top’s real prop for the joke, the animation in that sequence had already been completed, leaving Carrot Top to either be the joke or be voiced by another actor.

“I still get [people on the street shouting] “Look, the saw!” says Carrot Top, so even if he wasn’t thrilled with the joke, he has to admit its popularity. However, it doesn’t look like he’ll be adding it to his performance anytime soon.


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