Carrie Bickmore returns to Hit Network radio show after split from Chris Walker

The reason for Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker’s sudden breakup remains a mystery, and the former host of the project completely avoids this topic in her today’s radio show.

After a brief joint statement released this morning warning fans of the split, Bickmore has returned to business as usual on the Hit Network. Carrie and Tommy this afternoon, delivering a light-hearted show with no mention of the news.


On Wednesday morning, Bickmore and Walker wrote on Instagram: “Hi. It was with great sadness that (Carrie) and I decided to part ways.

“Although this is a difficult time, we are focused on raising children, loving and supporting our three wonderful children, Ollie, Evie and Addy, with everything we have. They’re doing great.”

They added, “We will not be making any further comments at this stage.”


The news sent shockwaves through the industry, with many believing the split came out of nowhere, given that just a few weeks ago, the couple were seen cuddling on the beach in Byron Bay, where they have a vacation home.


The couple spent part of their summer vacation in the popular tourist town, where Bickmore smiles on the beach. in fluoro yellow earlier this month.

During another beach day on Jan. 5, Walker and Bickmore looked like a happy couple as they hugged and laughed on the sand.


As speculation continues to circulate as to what triggered the split, entertainment commentator Peter Ford told that Bickmore and Walker’s temporary move to the UK last year may have been a sign of things to come.

Ford said that while he was “overwhelmed” by the news of the split and stressed that he did not know “what goes on behind closed doors”, looking back, the prolonged European flight may have been a hint of trouble in paradise. between a couple.

The extended mid-year vacation, which Bickmore described as a chance to “seize the moment” while her kids were still young, certainly came as a surprise, especially given Bickmore’s lucrative plum role, which came with a reported $1.5 million salary and is considered one of the best in the notoriously competitive television industry.

“Obviously she took a holiday in Europe last year and I thought most people don’t take that kind of holiday – if they have a TV or radio contract, you don’t take a long break in the middle of work. years,” Ford told


“So I thought it was about [them being] looking for something, trying to find something.”

After her return to Australia in July, Bickmore spoke about the family’s trip to the UK on her radio show, revealing that she was vacationing with the whole family. it was “very, very hard”and especially difficult for her younger.


A few months later, Bickmore announced her departure from Projectcalling the decision “the hardest decision of my professional life” on the show in October.

Her announcement follows a bumpy headline stint for Walker, who was embroiled in a Skype nude scandal after accidentally revealing himself to nine ABC employees.

Bickmore remained silent on the May incident as it made headlines, although some suggested that it may have complicated their relationship.

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