Carly Simon ‘Filled With Sorrow’ After Sisters Die One Day Apart

Legendary musician Carly Simon has said she is “overwhelmed” after her two sisters died just a day apart.

The star paid tribute to her sisters in a statement.

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Carly Simon was one of the biggest stars of the seventies.

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During this decade, the musician had a full complement of hits.

Born in the 1940s, Simon came from a creative family.

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His father was a co-founder of the publishing company Simon & Schuster, but he was also a classical pianist, and his mother was a singer.

When she got her big break in the seventies, the star began her career with one of her sisters.

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They called themselves, rather appropriately, the Simon Sisters.

Along with his sister Lucy, the duo released their debut album in 1964, titled Meet the Simon Sisters.

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He shared his second album, Cuddlebugin 1966.


However, in 1970, the star signed a solo contract.

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He released his self-titled debut album less than a year later.

It was around this time that Simon met her first husband, fellow singer-songwriter James Taylor.

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The couple married in November 1972.

They had 2 children together.

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Both Sally and Ben Taylor became musicians and activists themselves.

However, things were not smooth sailing for Simon and Taylor, and eventually, they divorced.

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The couple separated in 1983.


Simon said of the split in 2015: “I would say the relationship is very resolved from James’ point of view.

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Which makes it clearly impossible for me to relate to him because he has put on an iron curtain.

“Which I think is a very strange thing to do because I’ve never considered myself harmful or dangerous, but maybe he knows something I don’t.”

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His comments, via Expressechoing the same sentiments he shared in his 2015 memoir. The boys in the trees.

However, Simon’s greatest work was with her ex-husband.

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The pair have done duets several times, such as ‘Mockingbird’ and ‘Devoted to You’.

She married poet and writer James Hart in 1987.

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The couple divorced in 2007.

However, Simon’s biggest hit is the ever popular ‘You’re So Wayne’.

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The cutting track has been the subject of debate for decades, with everyone wanting to know what the line is about: “You’re so vain, you think this song is about you.”


The star shot to international fame when he sang ‘Nobody Does It Better’ for her The Spy Who Loved Me In 1977

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The power ballad became a worldwide hit, and was even nominated for song of the year at the Grammys.

Simon’s influence on the music world has been immense, with a range of artists citing him as an inspiration.

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From Taylor Swift to Gorillaz, the ‘You’re So Wen’ singer is undoubtedly a legend in the industry.

But now, Starr’s life is struck by tragedy.

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Late last week, Simon revealed some heartbreaking news…

Both his sisters died within a day of each other.

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This follows the d*ath of his brother from c*ncer in 2018.

Composer and fellow member of the Simon Sisters, Lucy died aged eighty-two.

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She died on Thursday of metastatic breast c*ncer. CNN.


His other sister, Joanna, passed Beaver by just one day.

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She died of thyroid c*ncer at the age of ninety-five.

In a statement, Simon said: “I am saddened to hear of the passing of Joanna and Lucy Simon. Their loss will be long and painful.

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He continued: “As sad as today is, it is impossible to mourn him without celebrating his incredible life.”

“We were 3 sisters who not only took turns trailing and marking courses for each other, but we were each other’s secret shares. Keepers of each other’s memories.

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“I have no words to describe the feeling of suddenly being the only direct child of Richard and Andrea Simon,” she added.

“He touched everyone he knew and those of us he left behind will be lucky and honored to carry his memories forward,” Simon said.

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Our thoughts are with Carly Simon and her family during this difficult time.

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