Cara Delevingne reveals wild s*x life details in ‘S*x Planet’ documentary

Cara Delevingne is not shy about talking about her s*x life.

The British supermodel opens our eyes to a whole new world between the sheets in a raunchy six-part series. planet s*x, Sun reports.


The documentary explores s*xuality, gender fluidity and p*rnography as the 30-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model, who previously described herself as “bis*xual” and “pans*xual”, lifted the curtain on her own s*xual experience along the way.

Suicide Squad The actress participates in m*sturbation classes, orgasms in a science lab, and spends the night at a women’s s*x club.

Delevingne, whose former members include Harry Styles, actress Ashley Benson and singer St. Vincent, says she had to look at s*x in a completely different light to make the documentary.

“I had to give up everything I had ever learned and just be myself, who is very energetic, inquisitive, curious and vulnerable,” she says.


“I felt like I knew so much about what was going on, what the statistics were, or what the general opinion of people around the world was, but I realized that I knew much less than I thought about everyone else, and also much less about myself.” .

Here we take a look inside the colorful world of Delevingne’s s*x life – and her frank confessions that have been surprising over the years.

s*xual awakening

Londoner Delevingne previously revealed she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 18 and repressed her bis*xuality as she grew up.


She claims that her idea of ​​romance was shaped by Disney princesses.

“It was part of me never wanting to accept my s*xuality because I thought all Disney princesses liked men,” she said. “The way it is. And I won’t be a princess if I don’t.

In the documentary, she reveals her “earliest memories” of pleasing herself.

“I didn’t know it was anything s*xy, it was more like, ‘That’s nice,'” she says.

“Why don’t I touch there to feel better in life? It just made sense. But I think women are afraid to touch themselves.”


She previously spoke about the “shame” of female m*sturbation on the Ellentube podcast. Lady Parts: “It was the worst thing in my childhood. You are ashamed of m*sturbation.

group s*x

Dating men in the early years of her career, Delevingne began dating women in 2014, having a rumored fling with Miley Cyrus before starting an affair. fast and furious star Michelle Rodriguez.

She had a two-year relationship with singer St. Vincent, also known as Annie Clark, who she said was her first “true love”, and then dated American actress Ashley Benson for two years from 2016 to 2018.

More recently, she has been linked to singer Minke.


“The way I define myself changes all the time, whether it’s pans*xual, bis*xual, I really don’t know,” Delevingne said. Make it edit podcast.

“It’s like swinging a pendulum, but almost now I feel much more comfortable being bis*xual than before.”

Asked if she prefers s*x with women or men, Delevingne was candid, saying, “It’s so hard, especially when you’re having s*x with men and women. Like group s*x, it’s also fun. I don’t know, it’s hard to decide.”

She added, “I feel like women have s*x for a lot longer.”

elevator fuss

Delevingne previously revealed that she once had s*x in an elevator with a stranger.

“I had a one night stand when I was much younger, but I remember how spontaneous it was,” she said. Parts of a lady.

“Man I was with, we played music for three hours. I was on drums, he was on guitar, and then we switched places.

“Then he was going to take me home and we had s*x in the elevator.

“I mean it was so s*xy. It was amazing. It’s not that I didn’t like him, I met him that day or something and thought, “This is crazy.”

p*rn addiction

In the documentary, Delevingne admits that she watched p*rn from a young age and could not reach orgasm without it.

“I have never watched p*rn with my partners. Pornography was my s*xual secret, and in a way it made me have a lot less respect and a lot worse s*xual relationship with myself.

“Was I addicted to p*rn? I didn’t watch it every day…but I [needed] watch it have [an orgasm] so I think it’s kind of an addiction.”

Delevingne says she stopped watching p*rn when she realized the depiction of s*x it portrayed was harmful.

“Porn gives young people a distorted idea of ​​what s*x and intimacy should be,” she says.

“I was completely desensitized by watching p*rn. I definitely wouldn’t have done much if I didn’t watch p*rn, and I definitely regretted it afterwards.”

While working on the documentary, Delevingne met Erica Last, an independent p*rnographic director who makes adult films based on women’s desires and consent.

She watched as women and men filmed a movie based on her own s*xual fantasies, ’70s S*x Party.

“I saw a lot of p*rn. But it was amazing, especially in the sense that “Oh, wow, they are actually good at s*x.” Most p*rn doesn’t have them,” she says.

“I think p*rn lacks a female voice. Even lesbian p*rn is made by men for men.

“I was happy to see s*x the way it is in real life. If I had seen this as a teenager, I would have felt more respected and would have asked for what I wanted as a woman, a lot more.

“For the first time I asked a man what I really want, this year – I’m 29 years old, and this is crazy.”

s*x club

In the documentary, Delevingne also visits a sorority skirt club in Los Angeles where “curious” women can have group s*x with others.

Nervous at first, she relaxes as night falls and is seen drinking tequila from a club member’s mouth and stroking her buttocks with a silk whip.

She teases, “What happened next? That will be the only mystery of this film.”

She also takes part in a m*sturbation master class, which she calls “the most daring thing I’ve ever done.”

In the first episode of the series, Delevingne explores the “orgasm gap” by finding that 95% of men experience orgasm during intercourse, while only 65% ​​of women experience it.

Delevingne takes part in an experiment at a German university hospital where blood is drawn before and after she is pleasured.

“I’m going to donate my orgasm to science,” she tells viewers.

Afterward, she is told that her orgasm resulted in an increase in feel-good hormones endocannabinoids, which are described as the body’s own mar*juana, which relieves stress and creates a sensation of being “high”.

Delevingne previously said that she had a revelation in the bedroom after she abandoned the sounds that people are “accustomed” to making at the moment.

“It’s a lot more interesting if you have an orgasm and you don’t, because I remember being taught to think, ‘That’s the noise that people make,'” she said.

“I remember stopping making any noise or trying to keep it going and it’s so great when you just try not to make any noise and feel it a lot more. It’s like “Wow!”

This story originally appeared on Sun and reproduced with permission

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