Caitlin Bristow of Bachelor Nation apologizes to Sierra Jackson

Caitlin Bristow and Sierra Jackson. Shutterstock; ABC

Making amendments. Caitlin Bristow apologized to her fellow Bachelor Nation alumnus Sierra Jackson comments she made on an episode of her “Off the Vine” podcast drew backlash.


“Sierra, I’m so sorry. I’ve been thinking for a few days and I see where I went wrong. I sent you a DM a couple of days ago and one now on Instagram. I would like to apologize offline and in person to you,” Caitlyn, 37, tweeted on Monday, November 21.

The reality TV alum’s post was written in response to screenshots posted by Sierra, 27, on Friday, November 18. “Leave it here,” the Oklahoma native wrote, along with photos of private messages she received, informing her that Caitlyn scolded her during the Thursday, November 17, episode of her podcast, along with a guest Daniel Maltby.

“They never called you by your first name and said ‘What’s her face again?’ and they basically discounted any feelings you had even though they were both not present when you were talking to Michael [Allio]”, read one of the DMs.


Sierra and Michael, 38, met in season 8 of the series Bachelor in Paradisewhich premiered in September. After developing a strong romantic connection, the Ohio native admitted that his feelings had changed. In a subsequent confession, he said he had misgivings “based on my traumatic past coming to the surface”. The business owner’s late wife Laura died in 2019 after battling breast c*ncer.

After the breakup, the yoga instructor decided to leave BiP so she didn’t have to watch Michael meet other people. Danielle, 37, later went to heaven and they started dating.

Last month, Sierra slammed her ex for leaving so quickly. “I’m going to meditate,” she tweeted after seeing BiP’s neonatal nurse arrive, which she described as “convenient.” Despite her initial reaction, the undergraduate graduate has moved on and wants Danielle to do the same.

“To be clear, I was over Michael. That’s why I don’t understand why I’m the subject of discussion for them,” she tweeted on Nov. 19. “Those who keep saying ‘deal with it’… [because] I’m in a relationship. But damn, almost 40 and hatred for a 27 year old who also had your man? Goodbye. My feelings are justified.”


Unlike Caitlin, Danielle has not publicly addressed her ABC co-star since the podcast episode aired.

Michael, for his part, has admitted to regretting how he handled his breakup with Sierra.

“Take a rose when you [sic] The heart isn’t in that, it’s “taking someone away,” he captioned a TikTok video last month. “The decision to end my only relationship, when I was presented with a constellation and there was no rose, was not “good looking”, but I knew it. i still have to [have] handled the breakup better, that’s on me.”

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