Brittany Matthews denies going into labor during Chiefs game

Not yet! Some football fans thought they were pregnant Brittany Matthews possibly gave birth when she was silent during her husband Patrick Mahomesgame on Sunday, November 27, but she says that was not the case.

“I’m not giving birth, you’re all tripping 😂,” the 27-year-old Texas native tweeted Sunday after NFL viewers noticed she didn’t share her thoughts while the Kansas City Chiefs played with Los Angeles Rams. “Sorry guys, I’m here,” she joked, before sharing a photo of herself and Mahomes’ 21-month-old daughter, Sterling. “Was busy”.


The baby and her mom seemed to be watching the game from a box at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, with the baby dressed in Chiefs colors and wearing a Kansas City hair bow.

Clarifying that she was in fact at the game, Matthews joined in on one of her usual tweets of commentary, writing, “The defense is playing their ass at WOW.”

The Kansas City Current co-owner and the 27-year-old Chiefs quarterback married in March after getting engaged in September 2020. The duo, who met in high school, announced in May that they were expecting their second child.

“Round 2!” the couple signed a joint post on Instagram at the time. In one photo, Sterling held up a sign that read “Big Sister Duties Coming Soon” while wearing a T-shirt that read “I have a secret I want to tell you.”


Although the couple’s second child has yet to be born, Matthews revealed on Saturday, Nov. 26, that she had already packed her things in preparation for her hospital stay. “I’m packing the boy’s hospital bag and my hospital bag, so I’ll go through it briefly with you guys,” she explained in an Instagram story. “I’m going to show you the basic things I collect for him and then put in my bag because I know I didn’t share it all the first time just because I was nervous. I was a new mom. I didn’t know what I would use and what not. So this time a little more educated.”

The former soccer player went into detail about some of the products she’s packed including burp wipes, diapers, aquaphor and diaper cream. While hospitals usually provide baby blankets and other items, Matthews said she would like to bring her own, as well as pacifiers, diapers and tissues.

She also prepared a sweet treat. “It’s a strange thing, but lollipop,” she explained. “Obviously after labor starts, you can’t eat, so I needed something in my mouth to take my mind off eating. Jolly Ranchers were like that for me. I only like blue.


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