Brittany Bell shared a cute photo of her and three kids Nick Cannons

Proud mom! Brittany Bell is a proud parent of three children with Nick Cannon – and wants the world to know it.

“Three different stages of love!” Bell, 35 posted via instagram on Wednesday, November 23, along with a sweet snapshot of their little ones — sons Golden “Sagon”, 6, and Rise Messiah, 2 months, and daughters of the Mighty Queen, 23 months – laugh together. “My heart breaks for them❤️.”


In the second post, the model shared a carousel of images of herself and her youngest son, whom she and drum line The 42-year-old star welcomed herself in September by wearing white outfits for a mother-son photoshoot.

“Let me tell you something about My Rise ❤️… My rise came in time. Calling me higher in the trials of darkness to the renewal of sunlight,” Bell captioned the photos. “My rise is patient and full of growth. There are hints of Golden Warrior and Powerful Queen in My Rise. My Rise is full of smiles and joy that I have never seen before. My Rebellion is ordained by God and filled with His presence. My Ascension was meant for a time like this and gives me peace from Heaven.”

The Arizona native went on to say that while “every challenge comes and I will always grow,” she “learns so much” from her newborn and “discovers something new that I can’t wait to show.” She concluded the tribute by naming her son “my eternally higher calling in human form”, noting that “there is something special about this little boy, as there is about his brother Golden and sister Powerful.”


In September All this alum open up about “family love” he has for Bella, referring to her as his “stone and foundation” during his journey through fatherhood.

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“She taught me so much about parenting, psychology, spirituality, love and just life in general,” he wrote on Instagram along with various clips from Bell’s baby shower.

In addition to his children with Arizona State University alumni, wild out the presenter is also the father of twins Moroccan and Monroe, 11, from an ex-wife. Mariah Careyas well as daughter Onyx, 2 months old, with Lanisha Cole and son Legendary, 4 months old, s Bre Thiesi.

Cannon also has twins Zion and Zillion, 17 months old, and daughter Beauty, 1 week old, with Abby De La Rosa and expecting baby number 12 with a model Alyssa Scott. Their son Zen, born in June 2021, tragically passed away from brain c*ncer when he was 5 months old.


Earlier this month, Cannon revealed that he spends more than $3 million annually on child support. “I don’t plan to ever participate in the state childhood system,” masked singedthe owner said Neighborhood conversation after Sun reported an assessment of their financial needs.

However, despite his monetary demands, Cannon will make sure to keep in touch with all of his little ones.

“Contrary to popular belief, I probably keep my kids busy all day, more often than the average adult can be,” he said. Men’s health in a June interview. “If I am not physically in the same city with my children, I talk to them before they go to school, through FaceTime and stuff. And then when I [in the same city, I’m] take the kids to school, for example, make sure I pick them up.”

He continued, “I have seen people believe in traditional household chores, and [yet] there is a lot of toxicity in this environment. It’s not about what society thinks is right. What makes it right for you? What brings you happiness? What makes you happy and how do you define family? We are all a wonderful family in many ways.”


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