Brilliant review by Josh Peck on his time on Drake & Josh

Josh Peck recently appeared on About last night podcast to reflect on your career so far. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the Drake & Josh theme appeared, and the actor had nothing but good things to say about his experience on the sitcom.


According to Peck, the show allowed him to portray the type of character that allowed him to be himself and continue the trend set by the actors he looked up to. “I felt free in those moments, but I was actually following the people I loved, right? There was room for a chubby funny guy.” The actor called Josh the teenage version of the funny pals played by Chris Farley, John Candy and Jim Belushi, and he was happy to fill that niche.

However, it took some time for Peck to get that perception of Drake and Josh. For a while, he worried that this would be the only role he would be remembered for. However, these days he is older and wiser and realizes how lucky he is to be part of his favorite series. “[It] made people really happy and it was a good show,” said the actor. “A lot of people don’t even understand that, so it’s interesting how I look at it now, at 36, when even if you came up and enlarged me at 22 or 32, I would have a different opinion.”


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