Briana Miles of MAFS in labor, welcomes baby with Vincent Morales

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New first! Married at first sightWith Briana Miles and Vincent Morales welcomed their first child, a daughter named Auri Bella.

“We are so excited to announce a new addition to the Morales family! The baby was born on 01/03/23. Our life has changed for the better. Welcome to the world of Auri Bella Morales!” Miles and Morales, both in their 30s, said in a statement. Us weekly on Wednesday, January 18th.


The couple got married in the 12th season of the series MAFS, which premiered in January 2021 without meeting before the cameras turned on. They instantly found a common language, telling E! News That spring, they recalled how attracted they felt to each other during their stormy wedding ceremony.

Miles recalled: “When I first saw him, I thought he had a great smile and […] there was attraction at first sight, not just physical.”

Briana Miles Pregnant Parking Garage
Contributed by Briana Miles and Vincent Morales / Instagram

Miles and Morales, one of the few success stories of their season, celebrated their second wedding anniversary in August 2022. The powerful season 12 duo also have a puppy, Cookie. The beloved dog originally belonged to Miles, but the Memphis native introduced him to Morales at the show.

After two years of working on my dog ​​training skills, MAFS alumni announced their first pregnancy in July 2022 via instagram. “We are truly blessed and overflowing with love! Ready to start a new chapter in our lives! This is just the beginning,” Miles wrote in the ad.


Miles has shared many memories of her pregnancy on social media, from cravings to health struggles.

“For those who don’t know, I have large fibroids growing on my uterus… quite a few in all directions! While some women don’t start showing up until 5-6 months pregnant, I looked pregnant until 2 months 🤭,” the Lifetime star shared.

In response to rumors that she is having twins, she joked“I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was insecure and really just beginning to realize that not only was my body containing these pesky fibroids, but it was getting ready to bring life into this world! So stop commenting that I’m having twins and saying that I’m ready to burst any day! I don’t.”


Miles celebrated her pregnancy with an elegant bachelorette party in November. She shared footage from the event on instagramincluding a glimpse of a custom Bella cake on the dessert table, several guests in pink outfits, and a pastel balloon arch.

“Bella’s Swan Night 🦢 was everything we could ask for and more! The photos couldn’t even convey how much love the room was filled with,” the expectant mother wrote under the video. “Thank you to our tribe for ALWAYS showing up and showing up for us.”

In the run-up to Auri Bella’s birth, Miles and Morales continued to express their desire to finally become parents. Next to the photo from the pregnancy photo shoot, Miles signed“We can’t wait to meet you baby!”

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