Brian Griffin’s Worst Things About Family Guy

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Brian’s primary personality, in his opinion, is a writer with such creations as “Faster Than the Speed ​​of Love” and the self-help book “Wish, Wish, Do”, the latter even becoming a bestseller. Of course, his first book, which is a plagiarism of the Iron Eagle series, sells 0 copies after unanimous criticism from literary critics, while his second book earns Brian a humiliating appearance in Real Time with Bill Maher.


However, in Season 11, Episode 11 (“Brian’s Play”), he rises to prominence in Quahog when his new play, A Fleeting Imagination, is liked by everyone in town. Once again, sudden popularity hit him in the head until he stumbled upon Stewie’s play American Marriage. Overwhelmed by how exponentially the best playwright his boy friend is, and unable to bear the disappointment of being overshadowed by a play far superior to his own, he decides to chide Stewie for the play and is visibly upset to learn that the production is moving forward. for Broadway.

That same night, Brian buries Stewie’s play in the backyard in an attempt to destroy it and hinder Stewie’s success. However, Stewie confronts his friend, calling “Fleeting Imagination” a “mediocre patchwork of beaten ideas and beaten clichés”, before reminding Brian that he can never get out of the “eternal mediocrity” that Brian calls writing.

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