Brendan Fraser’s ‘The Whale’ just broke the 2022 box office record

Any sign that The Whale may be on its way to wide box office success is bound to be welcomed by industry fans. 2022 has been a very difficult year for prestige cinema. While big blockbusters and Marvel movies continue to make huge profits, smaller and more exciting works have struggled to put their butts back on their feet.


The disappointment of a film like Amsterdam, which turned out to be a spectacular flop despite significant hype, has been superseded by broader concerns about whether upscale cinemas have the same ability to attract the audience they needed in post-Covid streaming. the film’s dominant landscape to justify the theatrical releases.

Whether “Keith” refutes understandable doubts, of course, is impossible to say, but so far the signs are encouraging. Brendan Fraser isn’t the only one whose performance deserves praise. Sadie Sink, best known to viewers as Max from Stranger Things, also stands out among critics. However, as Mark Hanson said review in Slant reflects, the film was also heavily criticized for its heavy-handedness and depiction of obesity. Whether that’s enough to keep the film from making a profit won’t be clear until The Whale opens in wide release on December 21st.


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