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After a fairytale whirlwind of romance, Brandon Jones and Serene Russell got engaged on Tuesday night. Bachelor in Paradise Finale on ABC. They were one of two couples to call off the engagement on the beach but were the only couple to go to the reunion, which was filmed earlier this month.

And despite host Jessie Palmer’s tempting offer to marry them on the beach, they revealed during the finale that they have yet to tie the knot. Instead, they have spent the last few months as a happy couple, although they have had to keep it a secret from the public.


“It’s so hard. We just want normalcy,” Russell told of spending time in hiding since production. “We get to do a lot of fun things together, like walk together and decorate the house together and learn to live together, but we just want to go on a date.”

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise There was drama between the other couples, which only increased during Split Week — when men and women who had begun hooking up split up and new potential romantic interests were brought in to test each pair’s strength. were Few ties were forged through the split, but Jones and Russell remained steadfast.

Speaking with ahead of the finale, the couple explained that they had been discussing the future throughout production. So, while many of their serious conversations didn’t make it into the show until the other couples (and their never-ending chaos) started to subside, these moments finally felt like they were ready to take the next step together. What did

“When the play was happening, we were talking about the future, like ‘What are your plans? Do you plan to have kids or what do you see in your life?'” Jones said, referring to Russell. added: “What are your values? What is something that is really important to you? What are your career goals?”


One such moment was the first night on the beach, when a storm interrupted the production. After about 45 minutes of conversation was Caught on camera (“It was so long that the producers left us there,” Russell joked), they spent some more time huddled together in a treehouse waiting out the rain — a scene that they According to “Unfortunate but worth it.”

Audiences had seen Russell and Jones each endure their fair share of heartbreak. heaven. Russell left in season 26. The virgin After eight weeks of fighting for Clayton Eichard’s heart. Jones joined Bachelor Nation during Season 18. Bachelorette. He made it to the end, becoming one of two men to get down on one knee to propose to Michelle Young. He was eventually turned down for the final rose.

Coming back for another shot at love wasn’t easy for either of them, but both expressed that they went back to the franchise out of fear that they would regret what could have been.

“There’s just a chance you’re not going to get a chance to focus in the real world and really try to make a relationship,” Russell said. “I didn’t want to harden my heart after the last thing. Even before that, I’ve always worked hard to be open. I was excited. heaven, because in real-world dating, you might see someone a few days a week or a few hours here and there. But in heaven, you really get to grow something. So I’m like, ‘Why not give it a shot?’


Jones added: “For me, it was a bit more difficult, but I was like, ‘What if?’ Didn’t want to be with? If I had never been to it. [engagement] would never have happened. Seeing my person, I’m like, ‘Yeah. I would have regretted it if I hadn’t gone.”

“That’s a better way of saying what I said,” Russell laughed in response. “I’m always someone who puts everything on the line. I’m not the type to go and see what it is.

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