Bracken Merrill’s favorite scene at Yellowstone includes a hilarious flying fish

In a special backstage short film dedicated to him, Yellowstone star Bracken Merrill spoke about his favorite moments from the show. In particular, Merrill revealed that his favorite scene he ever filmed for Yellowstone actually happened on the first episode of the Paramount Network series. In the scene in question, Lee Dutton (Dave Annable) throws some pebbles at his brother Casey while they are sitting by the fire, only for Tate to defend his father by throwing a cooked fish in Lee’s face.


“My favorite scene was with [Luke Grimes]. I throw the fish in Dave’s face. I actually feel a little sorry for Dave,” Merrill said. While the moment itself may not seem particularly important to most Yellowstone viewers, it’s not hard to see why Merrill continues to remember it with such fondness. Finally, the scene. , is one of the first to really give Tate a chance to showcase his fiery spirit and devotion to his parent, both of which are qualities that have continued to guide the character throughout his time at Yellowstone.

Of course, it was not always easy and fun for Tate and his family members. Over the years, Tate has not only been able to form even closer bonds with his parents and paternal grandfather, but has also fought a snake and made it out of several dangerous situations alive.


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