Bodies, Bodies, Bodies Star Amandla Stenberg discusses her own body in film after brawl on social media

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Following the publication of the review, Amandla Stenberg privately contacted Lena Wilson via Instagram private messages in a conversation that Wilson then made public in a video the critic posted to Twitter. It can no longer be viewed on the platform, as Wilson has since done. deleted social media account. Per IndieWire, Stenberg wrote, “Your review was great. Maybe if you took your eyes off my chest, you would watch the movie!” Wilson replied, “Hi Amandla! I’m usually a big fan of your work, but this is definitely something. I really wish you the best in your career and life. Good night” before blocking Stenberg. In a Twitter video, Wilson noted Stenberg’s DM: “It’s always weird when homophobia comes from home, but it’s something.”


Wilson subsequently faced huge backlash, with most Twitter users defending Stenberg. Farther, even published an article on the subject, stating that Stenberg’s message was not homophobic.

Stenberg reached out to Wilson’s video live on Instagram, in which she explains she found the “cleavage” line funny and sent a message to Wilson as a joke (via IndieWire). “I thought, since Lena is a lesbian, then I am a lesbian too, I thought that as gays we would both find [the DM] funny,” Stenberg explained. “I was also curious to know what Lena would say to such a statement, but Lena decided to publish it and also say that I am homophobic because I said it.”

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