Blue Bloods’ Vanessa Rae Reveals What Cast Talks Between Dinner Filming

Vanessa Ray sat down with nerds colors to discuss her time on Blue Bloods, and soon the actress shared what the cast does in between filming the famous Reagan family dinner scenes. When asked about set details she could share with fans, Rae mentioned that she enjoys spending time with her fellow cast members in between filming iconic scenes at Reagan’s dinner table.


“I love taking breaks at the dinner table between takes. We share recommendations about our favorite movies,” Ray said. “Sometimes there are re-enactments of favorite scenes, a lot of A Few Good Men for me and The Greatest Showman from Donny. I feel a genuine sense of pride when someone, especially Tom [Selleck]coming back next week after seeing one of my recommendations.”

There are probably few things Blue Bloods fans would be more interested in imagining than the actors behind some of their favorite characters on the show who just go wild and play Jack Nicholson or Hugh Jackman in between scenes. It’s also probably safe to say that a lot of fans would love to know what the weekly movie recommendations are between the actors, but alas, Ray didn’t mention any of them. Either way, viewers will get to see more of Ray as Eddie Janko-Reagan in the upcoming 14th season of Blue Bloods.


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