Blake Lively’s funny reaction to Ryan Reynolds Peloton Edo

“Luckily my husband can revive anything.”

(A warning to anyone who watched the pilot episode of HBO Max. sex and the City reboot, And just like that… This post contains a major spoiler—but if you’ve read the news headlines or scrolled through Twitter recently, chances are you’ve already been told.)


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Ryan was subject to Blake’s clever teasing this time, because gossip Girl The actor spotlighted her husband’s new Peloton ad in various posts that appeared on her Instagram Story.

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Advertisement Ryan’s marketing company, Maximum Effort, and starred Chris Notho, who briefly reprized his role SATCMr. Big is at the premiere of the first revival of his character died suddenly From having a heart attack. Big Peloton was riding a bike.

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“And just like that, the world was reminded that regular cycling stimulates your heart, lungs, and circulation and lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases,” Ryan explained in the ad, before she shared echo medical advice Buzzfeed News on Thursday.


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“Cycling strengthens your heart muscle, lowers the resting pulse, and lowers levels of fat in the blood,” he continued. Also, about the appearance of Chris in the video: “He is alive.”

Peloton started trending after the ad debuted, and the clip garnered nearly 4 million views on Twitter alone in less than 24 hours after its release. Blake, not surprisingly, praised Ryan for his satire and a job well done with words.


He even sent her celebratory cupcakes. They’re from Magnolia Bakery, a favorite of Carrie Bradshaw’s. Blake wrote in a note attached to the dessert, “For my mister, who always goes big or goes home, which both she and Ryan documented on Instagram.

“I love you so much,” said Blake. “But not as much as Peloton loves you.” She signed as Serena Bradshaw, referring to both SATCthe main character of and his own from the origin gossip Girl Chain.


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Blake didn’t stop there. “Yes, the cupcakes were damaged in the making of this photo,” she reposted a final selfie from Ryan’s IG story. “Luckily my husband can revive anything.”

You can check out Peloton’s new ad Here, or in the tweet above.


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