Black Eyed Peas Show Solidarity With LGBTQ+ Community On New Year’s Show In Poland That Mel C Dropped Out Of Days Before –

The Black Eyed Peas showed their solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community during their appearance on Poland’s TVP New Year’s Eve, the same show Mel C walked out of last week.

When the four-member group appeared on stage, they all appeared to be wearing rainbow armbands., J. Rey Soul, Taboo and showed their support to the community during a broadcast on the Polish public broadcaster.


“Where’s the love?” The act’s singers caused quite an uproar from Polish anti-gay activists such as Polish Law and Justice Party (PIS) member Marcin Warchol. The political party has taken steps to further marginalize the LGBTQ+ community by proposing laws against the group.

LGBT Promotion in TVP2. Insults! It’s not a New Year’s Eve of dreams, but a New Year’s Eve of deviance,” Warchol tweeted. responded with the following and quoted the tweet: “WHEREStheLove??? Unity, tolerance, understanding, togetherness, respect, diversity and inclusion… that’s love… people are people and we all One should practice and learn to respect and love all the different types of people on earth… I love you my country…”


Warhol responded to about why he didn’t boycott the Qatar World Cup “over the country’s treatment of women, immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community,” saying he “sold the rules for profit.” “


The artist responded by explaining that he “went to these places to spread love” and that he thought boycotting was not the answer “when you can go directly to the source that needs to be inspired and Do your best to impress them and spread the love… it’s called #love.

Spice Girls star Mel C was also scheduled to appear on TVP’s New Year’s Eve show but pulled out of the gig before her appearance.


“In light of some issues that have been brought to my attention, which are incompatible with the communities I support, I fear that I will no longer be able to perform in Poland as planned on New Year’s Eve. ” he said in a statement. Statement

Although Mel C didn’t specify what the issues were for her to cancel her appearance, everyone assumed she was speaking out about the LGBTQ+ community as she has been largely vocal throughout her career. Has been a supporter.

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