BJ Novak’s favorite episode of Office Star is an all-time Michael Scott classic.

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During the event for Chicago TribuneBJ Novak Reveals His Favorite ‘The Office’ Episode “Injury”, season 2 episode in which Michael Scott (Steve Carell) manages to accidentally grill George Foreman’s leg. “My favorite episode is… ‘Trauma’,” Novak explained. “It happened at the beginning of the show. Mindy Kaling wrote this. We were all young and trying new things… It was so stupid to spend half an hour watching TV.” Given his respect and admiration for Kaling, it’s no surprise that he chose one of her episodes as his favorite.


A lot of people seem to agree with Novak, as “Injury” makes many lists of the show’s best episodes. Variety rank series as the seventh best of the series, and List of janitors rates it as No. 5. However, it should be noted that Mashable rated the episode 110th out of 185 episodes. But like everything else in The Office, opinions vary widely.

Novak is still writing, with an anthology series being his latest project.roomAs for Kaling, three recent shows bear her name in the “created” credits:Sexual life of female students,” “Never I never,” as well as “Four weddings and one funeralThey haven’t worked together since The Mindy Project, but hopefully it’s only a matter of time before the two friends collaborate again.

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