BiP’s Sierra Jackson slammed Michael Allio after breakup

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Sierra Jackson decided to “keep real” after watching Michael Allio quickly contact Daniel Maltby on the Bachelor in Paradise.

“I haven’t cast a shadow before… but THIS is me throwing it. 😈”, Bachelor alumnus of season 26, age 27, posted via Instagram on Thursday, October 20th. “On and on – just wanted to get this out of my system and remind you all that I’m sweet, sour, far from perfect and keep it real ✨.”


The Oklahoma native’s post included a video of her reacting to some of the things Michael, 38, said when he broke up with her during the October 11 episode. BiP. “Something is missing,” one statement said, while others said, “She’s moving too fast” and “I’m not sure I’m ready.”

The last statement, however, was not something hen-party Season 17 alumni actually said, but Sierra hinted that she thought it summed up what really happened: “I never actually saw anything with you, but I needed to kill time.”

The yoga instructor decided to leave BiP after she breaks up with Michael, explaining that she doesn’t want to watch him leave with someone else. The business owner was in danger of returning home during the Monday, October 17th episode because there were more women than men on the beach, but then quickly hit it off with newcomer Danielle, 37.


While the episode aired, Sierra tweeted that she felt “extremely disrespectful” after seeing Michael gravitate towards Danielle so soon after previously telling her that their romance was moving too fast. “I’m going to meditate,” she tweeted, adding the hashtag “#comfortable.”

Sierra throws shade at Michael amid drama Danielle: 'Keep it real'
Contributed by Sierra Jackson/Instagram

Other Bachelor Nation members questioned Danielle and Michael’s relationship, with some questioning if the duo knew each other before the show. “So Michael didn’t know this girl or rrrr…because it betrays a secret lover,” he tweeted. Bachelor season 25 graduate Marlena Wesh.

Demar Jacksonperforming in season 16 hen-party, added via Twitter: “The excitement on Michael’s face as she goes downstairs is unreal… Sierra, I’m so sorry 😞. I hate how this show makes me feel about Michael…I don’t know how to explain it.”

Ashley Yaconetti as well as Jared Hybonmeanwhile defending Michael by telling Us weekly that he just didn’t have strong feelings for Sierra.


“I’m for Danielle and Michael. At the end of the day, I think Sierra is a fantastic person and I love her very much.” “Help! I Suck at Dating podcast co-host, 33, spoke exclusively Us on Tuesday 18 October. “From what we found out when we were at the beach, it was more like Michael might not have felt that way with Sierra. It was more about his connection to Sierra than “he’s not ready for a relationship.”

Ashley, 34, agreed with her husband, revealing that the duo spoke with Michael about Sierra’s departure after she left. “Before we talked about it with Michael, I thought: “Oh, I think he is leaving too, because he probably understands that this is not for him,” Winter Bachelor Games explained alum. “But the next day we talked to him and he said, ‘No, it’s not. I just knew it wouldn’t last long.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00 pm ET.

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