BiP’s Michael Allio talks about Sierra Jackson’s sudden breakup

Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson. Contributed by Michael Allio/Instagram; Contributed by Sierra Jackson/Instagram

After Michael Allio part with Sierra Jackson on the Bachelor in Paradisedevoted viewers questioned his motives as the two seemed to have a strong bond.

“Take a rose when you [sic] The heart is not in this, it is “to take someone away,” the 38-year-old native of Ohio signed Saturday, October 22. tik tak video, noting that the duo’s unexpected split came as a “surprise” to many of the cast and producers. “The decision to end my only relationship, when I was given a constellation and there was no rose, was not a ‘good look’, but I knew it.”


He continued: “I still have to [have] handled the breakup better, that’s on me.”

Michael Allio addresses Sierra Jackson on breakup ahead of rose ceremony: 'I knew it wasn't pretty'

Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio. ABC/Craig Shodin

Michael’s candid comments accompanied TikToker’s theory of why he chose to end his relationship with the 27-year-old. Bachelor Graduate of season 26 before the rose ceremony in the episode.

Michael and the yoga instructor established an instant connection on Bachelor in Paradise The premiere aired last month. However, the business owner realized that his feelings had changed during the October 10 episode. After Sierra gave Michael the trio of stars named after him, his late wife Laura and son James, he ended up ending their affair and hoped to remain platonic friends.

“[Sierra] shows all the characteristics that I look for in a partner, but I notice that every time I take a step forward, I start to take a few steps back, because I am alert and worried about my traumatic past has found its way to the surface, ”said Michael. whose late wife died in 2019 after battling breast c*ncer, during a confessional interview. “I deal with the element of grief in my life. It’s just a weird, weird thing that happens where I think I found it, it’s nice, and then I pull myself together and push people away. And I feel really bad about it.”


Sierra, for her part, decided to leave the beach after their breakup.

“Just know… I’m fine and fine,” the ABC personality wrote on her Instagram story after the episode aired. “At the time, I knew what I could/couldn’t handle mentally and emotionally. I had the self-awareness to admit that being on the beach was not in my best interest. I didn’t see it play out in a positive way, so I thought I’d better go home.”

Michael stayed on the beach, hoping that the newcomer would show interest and give him a rose. Daniel Maltby arrived before the rose ceremony during the Monday, October 17 episode, noting that she wanted to get to know the single dad after they connected via social media before BiP.


hen-party The season 17 graduate’s new romance soon drew backlash from fans as viewers wondered about the couple’s history and if he was ready for a relationship.

“I think in the end Sierra is a fantastic person and I love her very much. From what we found out when we were at the beach, Michael may not have felt that way with Sierra.” Jared Hybon – who visited BiP season 8 cast and wife Ashley Yaconetti – exclusively said Us weekly on Tuesday 18 October. “It was more about his connection to Sierra than ‘he’s not ready for a relationship’.”

Coffee shop owner Audrey, 33, added:[Fans are] for example: “Oh, we want it to be about love.” And then you have two people who are in love and they’re like, “Well, we don’t want to see that.” We want to see drama.” And then they bring in the drama and then they say, “No, it has to be true love.” And it’s like, “Well, come on now.”

While Jared and Ashley, 34, bond with Michael’s neonatal nurse, 37, Sierra felt “extremely disrespectful” after watching their date.

“I will go to meditate. #bachelorinparadise,” she wrote on Monday, describing Danielle’s arrival as convenient. “He said ‘a little history’ 🧐“.


Michael later noted on his Saturday TikTok that he didn’t know the Nashville resident would be coming to the show, denying allegations against him that his actions were intentional.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00 pm ET.

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