Bill Murray and Geena Davis: new clip about Murray’s inappropriate behavior

A 1990 television interview with Bill Murray and Geena Davis shed new light on Murray’s behavior with his co-stars.

Clip from The Arsenio Hall Show shows Murray and Davis on the couch while promoting his movie, comedy quick change.


Throughout the segment, Murray constantly touches Davis, stroking her hand up and down and breathing close to her body. At one point, he even lowered the strap of her dress before she stepped in and straightened it out.

At one point, she jerked her body away from him, saying “I’m sorry.”

Murray did all of this while Davis told Hall part of the infamous audition story and explained to the host, “It was really like that,” pointing out Murray’s antics on stage.

Hall, almost in disbelief, asked, “Did he really touch you at the audition?”


Davis replied, “I swear. The first thing he did was pull my shirt out of my pants and start tickling my stomach.”

Davis wrote about the horrific audition in her memoir: To Die of Politeness: A Memoir. She recalled being called to a hotel room for an audition, where Murray used a massage device on her.

Davis said she said “no” many times, but Murray didn’t “give in”.

“I would have to yell at him and make a scene if I wanted to get him to give up trying to get me to do this,” she wrote. “The other men in the room did nothing to stop it. I realized with deep sadness that I had not yet had the opportunity to resist his onslaught or simply leave.


Contemporary footage of Davis playing well with Murray during a promotional tour and attempting to poke fun at his behavior only highlights the pressure on the actors not to speak out against their co-stars or “cause a fuss”.

AT interview with British newspaper i newsDavis was asked about the 1990 video.

“Oh, did you see? Isn’t it amazing? It’s terrible, she said. “I forgot about it. Telling it this way, just as a humorous anecdote, I must have thought, ‘Well, this is ultimately funny or makes a good story,’ when in fact it was so devastating.”

Murray has been accused of inappropriate behavior for decades.

Star Ghostbusters, broken flowers as well as Lost in translation has a well-known reputation for being sometimes difficult to work with.


Over the years, stories have been uncovered about his less than collegiate mannerisms, including a particularly painful episode with Lucy Liu on set. Charlie’s Angels.

Liu recalled the scene, which was reworked in Murray’s absence, noting that she had very little input into the creative decisions.

“While we were filming the scene, Bill started to insult me ​​and I won’t go into details, but it went on and on. I thought, “Wow, looks like he’s looking right at me.”

“I say, ‘I’m sorry, are you talking to me?’ And it’s clear that he was, because that’s when it started to become one-on-one communication. Some of the language was unforgivable and unacceptable, and I wasn’t going to just sit back and accept it.”

Murray left a trail of resentful colleagues, including screen legend Anjelica Huston, who revealed that Murray did not invite her to a dinner party that all the other actors were invited to during filming. Aquatic life with Steve Zissou.


Seth Green recently revealed that when he was a 9-year-old child actor, Murray took offense at Green sitting on the arm of “his” couch in the green room. Saturday night life. Murray apparently grabbed Green by the ankles and threw him into the trash can.

Green said, “It was like ‘trash goes to the bin’.” And I screamed, and I waved my arms wildly, making full contact with his balls. He threw me into a bin, the bin overturned. I was horrified. I ran away, hid under the table in my dressing room and just cried.

“I feel it’s important to say that I love Bill Murray’s work and consider him one of the most important cultural symbols we have. But when I was nine years old, he was very rude.”

Murray’s behavior is back in the headlines after filming his latest project. to be mortalwas put on hold earlier this year after cast or crew members filed a complaint.

It was revealed this month that Murray settled the lawsuit by paying the employee $100,000. According to news site Puck, Murray allegedly “kissed” and “straddled” a woman who was “terrified.”

Murray initially defended these actions as a difference of opinion. Earlier this year, he said: “I did something that I thought was funny, but it wasn’t taken that way.”

to be mortalwritten and directed by Aziz Ansari and starring Keke Palmer, production did not resume.

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