Bianca Kajilic talks about filming that heartbreaking scene with Drake Roger in ‘The Winchesters’

Speaking about this personal moment between John and Millie, Bianca Kajilic mentioned the importance of being vulnerable. “Be it the 70s [through] today, collectively as a whole, we are feeling the effects of this right now,” Kajilic said. “We all want to be held back. We all have precious wounded hearts that cannot express our real, true needs.”


This scene is pivotal for both characters because it’s a rare moment to see John so vulnerable; meanwhile, Millie realizes that her son’s internal battle is bigger than she initially thought. “I love this moment for John and Millie because for Millie it’s a moment of acknowledging that her son is deeply traumatized and that there is nothing she can do – as a woman who is very good at fixing everything – to fix it,” said Kadzhilych . “It speaks so beautifully to her character that in that moment she can understand that the best thing she can do is be with him in this space.”

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