Beyond the Valley Music Festival 9-Hour Mayhem on One-Rail Roads

Frustrated revelers trying to leave the popular festival languished in their cars for nine hours after a major traffic jam caused traffic chaos.

Festival goers have lashed out at the highly anticipated Beyond the Valley music event after spending hours in 30-degree heat trying to get home.


Footage from above showed the festival grounds crammed with thousands of cars stuck in traffic for up to nine hours as they all tried to exit through the single exit.

In desperation, some even cut holes in wire fences to escape the chaos, while others allegedly passed out after dehydration and heatstroke, according to Twitter posts.

The event draws over 10,000 people over four days of “music, camping and fun” celebrations on the Barun Plains in Victoria.


Festival goer Monique Moore said it really “ruined her festival experience”.


“There seems to be no traffic control and no one was able to move in a few hours,” she said. Herald of the Sun.

“It’s every man for himself, people were cutting wire fences and driving through them, standing on the roofs of cars, trying to understand what was happening.


“It’s so hot in here and we don’t want to use the air conditioner because we’re afraid we’ll run out of battery.

“We have seen about ten cars break down and most people have no connection, which makes the situation even more tense.

“We left our camp at 9 am and have since advanced about 20 meters.”

One worried father spoke of the chaos his child witnessed as he left the festival.


“My daughter is finally leaving Beyond the Valley after waiting in her car in line since 8:30am,” wrote one Twitter user.

“She said people were passing out from dehydration and the organizers had to hand out free water. Apparently, there is no traffic control, so now this work is done by the security service.


Another parent said that his 18-year-old daughter is “for the first time at such a festival, and it’s quite disturbing.”

“You wouldn’t want there to be a fire or something like that,” he wrote.

“Looks like it’s easier to get out of prison than it is to escape the Valley.”

According to the organizers, the influx of cars leaving the festival area, as well as the general celebratory traffic on the roads, caused a traffic jam.

Beyond the Valley apologized for the delay in an Instagram statement.

“Today we experienced delays at the exit of the festival due to the influx of cars leaving the festival, as well as due to general holiday traffic on the roads,” they wrote.

“Our team has buggies that drop water on cars, we have enough water tanks to fill bottles.

“We understand that in the heat this process is not pleasant. Our priority is to get everyone home safely.”

In a later update, the organizers said that by 18:00 all cars had finally left the festival grounds and stated that they would look for solutions to avoid this problem in the future.

“We would like to thank those who have been waiting for a long period of time in their heads for your patience, and we want to once again apologize to those affected,” the statement said.

“Our first year in our new home was an incredibly successful and well-coordinated event overall.

“In terms of existing traffic, although some elements are beyond our control and waiting periods when a large number of vehicles want to leave at the same time cannot be completely avoided, we recognize that solutions need to be sought to improve this. process next year.

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