Beth’s heartfelt moment and Rip Breakfast Kelly Reilly of Yellowstone chose as her favorite

In an interview with ET online, Kelly Reilly spoke about the show, her character, and what the relationship between Beth and Rip means to her as an actress. “One of my favorite scenes of all time was when he makes her breakfast in Season 3 and how easy [so] A simple act of kindness would just put her in a very vulnerable place, and I don’t think Beth allows herself to be vulnerable very often,” Reilly said. the character to soften and the passion she has for him is really beautiful.”


In the scene where Beth is eating, she is visibly touched by Rip’s simple gesture of love and how much he clearly cares for her. This is a scene that shows their relationship in all its delicacy.

Reilly went on to talk about what makes their relationship so special to viewers, especially on a show that can be pretty gruesome at times. “Because they’re such tough asses, each in their own way, and then they get together and that’s where they sort of lay down their weapons.” The actress added that the relationship between Beth and Rip is very strong because of their shared history and because Beth spent so much time avoiding anything deeper with Rip.

She also summed it up very well. “I just love how he loves her,” Reilly said.


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