BBC World Service Journalists To Be Asked To Relocate Away From UK –

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EXCLUSIVE: Some BBC World Service teams will be asked to move away from the UK as they prepare for impending cuts, understands.

Staff in the BBC’s global news division will be briefed on a set of proposals via Zoom by Lilian Lander, senior controller of BBC News International Services. Some administrations are believed to have been told yesterday.


The proposals came as director-general Tim Davey said the world service’s budget would be cut by £30m ($32.7m) by 2023/24 as part of the Digital First BBC blueprint, and this week Speaking earlier at RTS London, he hinted that foreign-language news services could be cut if the government does not help increase funding. considers proposals based on the decentralization of world service teams, meaning that most Asian language services, including Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese and some South Asian services targeted in India, will be based in New London. will be transmitted from Broadcasting House. They report to the respective countries.

Lander will use Zoom to “share the results of our strategic review and talk through our proposals for change and the strategic reasons behind those proposals,” according to an email seen by

Team members expressed concerns with that the move would mean many people would lose their jobs because they are unable to relocate for a variety of reasons. One pointed to press freedom difficulties in some countries, such as Thailand, where press freedom is limited, or Vietnam, where journalists have to report from neighboring countries because of the ruling Communist Party.


According to the BBC’s annual report, which describes the World Service as “one of Britain’s crown jewels”, the partly government-backed division turned over £251M ($271M) last year. ) received, and the world service had 1,433 personnel. The group

The proposals will now be submitted to the unions and come at a difficult time for the entire BBC news division, which recently saw former NBC News International president Deborah Terence become CEO.

Journalists are reportedly considering a strike over the planned merger of domestic and international news channels, which will result in the loss of 70 jobs.

News has been one of the hardest-hit parts of the BBC since the government imposed austerity on the corporation several years ago, and hundreds of people have already lost their jobs.


The BBC declined to comment on the proposals but is expected to have information on the record soon.

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