Bartis Bowden of Love Is Blind talks about Nancy Rodriguez

What could be. Love is blind alum Bartis Bowden thinks that if he said yes to his ex-fiancee, Nancy Rodriguezat the altar, they would still be together today.

“That’s one of the reasons why I said no because I only want to make this decision once. Let’s say I say yes and we run into problems or whatever, we stick together,” Bartiz, 27, said. Us weekly on Monday, November 21st. “Her parents are divorced; My parents are divorced. I won’t survive this. So yeah, if I said yes, we’d still be together.”


The reality TV personality also revealed where he and Nancy, 33, are now.

“It took us probably three or four weeks [apart] after [our] wedding day. We didn’t talk at all,” he said. “And then, a month later, she texted me and said, ‘Hey, can we, for example, talk and relax a bit together and go through everything?

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The Texas native shared that he and Nancy spent “about five hours” talking over dinner and drinks. “We decided to move forward, trying to be friends. Fast forward a few more months [and] now we’re both in different ways. And it was hard for me to maintain the level of friendship that Nancy wanted with me while I was also trying to respect the new girl I was dating because, you know, she would be jealous that I was talking to Nancy,” he said. .


In terms of what their dynamics look like today, Bartiz said. Us that the former are “cordial working acquaintances.” However, if it was up to him, they would give their relationship another chance after getting married.

“That was my plan. I said, “I’m not ready to say yes to the rest of my life with you right now, but… if we continue our romantic relationship, who knows what we could become?” he said. Nancy, for her part, did not share his optimism and decided to end their affair that same day. CPA shed some light on how he felt when his ex-fiancee told him she was done with her.

“I’m like, ‘You realize you’re turning me off right now, even though you just said yes to spend the rest of your life with me. Like, what’s the point of that? What I mean in retrospect, it was just a very emotional display on her part because she contacted me three weeks later,” he explained.

Although the spark between Bartis and the speech therapist did not last long, he still thinks that Love is blind The experiment was a success in his case.


“I think the goal of everyone is to find out if you can fall in love with someone based on who they are on the inside and make someone fall in love with you for who you are on the inside? So I guess for me… the show worked. It didn’t end in marriage; however, the show is not a failure for me or for Nancy,” he said.

During season 3 Love is blindwhich premiered in October, Bartis was honest with Nancy about finding another woman he met in pods. Raven Rosskissable.

“It was definitely hard and… embarrassing to watch [that conversation]. … I definitely feel bad about it,” he shared with Us. 29-year-old Raven got engaged to Sikiru “SK” Alagbad on a dating show. Although the 34-year-old SK said no on the duo’s wedding day, they continued their relationship after that. The fact that their paths diverge was announced by the former fiancés on Sunday, November 20.

“Their relationship was really the most private I think,” Bartis said of Raven and SK, adding that he didn’t have “many thoughts” about their breakup. “I have no right to contact them. I’ve been in between their relationship many times.

University of Texas alumni also spoke out about the controversial cutie scene between Cole Barnett as well as Zanab Jafriwho also went their separate ways after 32-year-old Zanab turned down 27-year-old Cole during their wedding.


“I think it was just a straw that broke the camel’s back,” Bartis said of the moment Cole reminded his then-fiancee that they had a “big old dinner” planned. During Love is blind reunion, Zanab claimed that the interaction was an example of the realtor trying to control her eating habits.

“I don’t think it looks bad for Cole,” Bartis said. “Zanab is not the safest woman, so this will be a problem for her.”

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