Bad Batch fans can’t contain their excitement for their first glimpse of tech in Season 2

It’s safe to say that every member of Bad Batch has their own fans, but for some reason people really like Tech. “Bad Batch” official Twitter account posted an image of the clone ahead of the release of Season 2, and the comments immediately filled with people expressing their support and admiration for the science-loving Tech.


Some of the comments you’ll find right below the original post include “MY HUSBAND IS BACK” and “My favorite!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!” But Tech has even more fans than this post alone would suggest. twitter user @Onyx_moon99 posted his favorite technical attribute: “Let’s be honest, technicians have the most beautiful hands of all.” This is accompanied by a couple photos of Thek’s hands, and we figure that given how dexterous he had to be to collect all of their gadgets, his hands must be pretty good.

Others had more obvious implementations such as @SkywalkerCarrot, who wrote, “His new armor pattern is amazing.” Everyone will get the chance to see Tech and his gang in action when The Bad Batch Season 2 premieres on Disney+ on January 4, 2023.


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