Backstreet Boys TV’s Nick Carter Christmas special canceled after star was accused of raping a teenage fan with cerebral palsy

The BACKSTREET Boys Christmas TV special was canceled following Nick Carter’s allegations of s*xual harassment.

In 2001, a boy band singer was accused of raping a teenage fan with cerebral palsy.



Backstreet Boys TV Christmas special canceled due to allegationsCredit: Twitter/ABC/Hulu/Disney
Shannon 'Shay' Ruth claims Nick Carter raped her when she was a teenager


Shannon ‘Shay’ Ruth claims Nick Carter raped her when she was a teenager
Woman claims Carter left bruises on her body


Woman claims Carter left bruises on her body1 credit

The show A Very Backstreet Holiday was to include the band’s songs from their latest album of the same name.

It was scheduled for December 14 but was canceled by ABC due to the allegations. Hollywood Reporter.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Shannon “Shay” Ruth sued Carter for s*xual assault.

The 39-year-old woman claims the 42-year-old star left bruises on her body during an incident on his tour bus when she was a teenager.

Nick Carter accused of raping an autistic fan with cerebral palsy
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Ruth, joined by her lawyers, tearfully held a press conference, streamed via Facebook this week, alleging that Carter, then 20, raped her on his bus when she was 17.

“The last 21 years have been filled with pain, confusion, frustration, shame and self-mutilation, which are a direct result of Nick Carter raping me,” Ruth said.

She continued: “Despite the fact that I am autistic and living with cerebral palsy, I believe that nothing has affected me more than what Nick Carter did and said to me.

“My motivation for coming forward and filing this lawsuit is to stop Nick Carter from att*cking more teenagers and women.”


Carter’s attorney, Michael Holtz, vehemently denied the allegations.

In a statement, he said: “This claim about an incident that allegedly took place over 20 years ago is not only legally unfounded, but completely untrue.

“Unfortunately, for several years now, Ms. Ruth has been manipulated into making false accusations against Nick, and these accusations have changed repeatedly and substantially over time.

“No one should be deceived by a press stunt organized by an opportunistic lawyer – there is nothing in this statement, and we have no doubt that the courts will quickly understand this.”

According to court documents, Ruth claims she joined Nick on his bus tour after a concert in Tacoma, Washington.


The papers say that Carter asked Ruth if she wanted a drink. She asked for apple juice, and he allegedly told her that he had cranberry juice, giving her “a red colored drink”.

Ruth said the drink, which Carter is said to have called “VIP Juice”, tasted wrong, but she drank it even though she was underage and didn’t want it.

She claimed that Carter then took her to the bus bathroom and ordered her to perform oral s*x on him.

She claimed to have cried during the ordeal, but he continued.

She then described how Carter put her to bed on the bus and continued to att*ck her, and after the incident, she allegedly said she would tell people about what he had done.


The documents claim that he told her that no one would believe her, calling her a “sh*tty little bitch”.

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The alleged victim says she contracted HPV after the incident and is seeking monetary compensation.

In 2017, Melissa Schuman, a former member of the girl group Dream, alleged that Carter raped her when she was 18 and he was 22.

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