Bachelors: Jed McIntosh’s reaction to Caitlin Perry’s rejection proves men are more clingy

Bachelorsorry i mean Bachelors, returned on Monday revealing the uncomfortable truth about how men deal with rejection. Spoiler: they don’t like it, and I know why.

The premiere episode began with all three bachelors Felix von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh going on a series of speed dates to determine who they would like to compete for their hearts with.


Melbourne drummer Jed McIntosh, who looks like Machinegun Kelly when he has a complicated coffee order, was shocked when he was rudely turned down during one of his speed dates.

Psychology student Caitlin Perry turned down his offer of a rose, leading Jed to be very unimpressed and very angry. This person has never been on Tinder?

Perry politely said, “I wish you all the best and hope you meet someone!” She even inserted a line about wanting to be friends, which no one should believe for a second.


I never had friends on a dating app, but I appreciated her attempt at being super nice.


Jed looked like someone had just kicked him in the stomach and said that Blink 182 had broken up again and replied, “Yes, fine. Well, it was nice to meet you. To your health.”

He then said on camera that the incident was “a blow to my ego” and that it was “absolutely brutal!”


Sir, she was very nice to you, I once dated a guy who rejected me because I was talking like on a sitcom. Do you know what self-digging this incomprehensible feedback can lead a person to?

The Nervous Bachelor began to rant and said, “I just thought I was making these decisions, but apparently I’m not!” I think Jed just realized that a relationship involves two people who like each other, not just one.

He can then be heard offscreen whispering “Fuck me” under his breath.

The message was clear, Jed was absolutely shocked that the woman had the audacity to reject it. Meanwhile, he spent the entire day rejecting several women, and not one of them muttered “fuck me.”


To be fair to Jed, he probably thought all these women would be lining up to fall for him, so I think he felt a little taken aback when the other two guys showed up. But as someone who has spent hours on dating apps, I can tell you that such an outburst of rejection is not uncommon. Men don’t need a production team to throw a tantrum.

I’m going to tell you a secret. I think I know why Jed was so upset about the rejection, and of course there’s an element of arrogance in that, but also because men are more intrusive. Yes, I know the lie we’ve always been told is that women are clingy and desperate and needy and men are hard-to-catch stallions.


Wrong, men are clingy and they desperately invest in relationships, and yes, throw tantrums when their chance for one is ruined.

Why? Well, since women have full lives, women tend to have friends, social obligations, and hobbies. Every woman I know juggles a hectic social calendar littered with a bunch of late dates, and almost every man I know social life consists of beer meetings in one form or another.

When men pair up with women, their lives suddenly improve, they have a hectic social life, and someone to do things with that aren’t just about drinking.

Jed seems like a trap, he makes a good impression, warm and cool, I mean he’s cool in the group. Although being in a group makes me nervous about his pension contributions, but this is the reasonable woman in me. However, coolness won’t stop him from being clingy, because that’s the typical behavior of most men! There, I said it, most men are in need and we need to start talking about it.

Make no mistake, Jed’s behavior was a perfect example of how men are more clingy than women.

Look at him completely despondent that a woman he barely knows rejected him, but honestly it makes sense because women make men’s lives better, or at least give them a complete social calendar. And a solid understanding of how important brunch is.

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