Azealia Banks: Bizarro tour promoter criticizes ‘shameful’ behavior throughout Australia tour

The travel company behind Azealia Banks’ Down Under rollercoaster tour called the rapper the worst client they’ve ever worked with.

New York rapper 212’s tour of Australia and New Zealand has been marked by scandals, last-minute show cancellations, social media outbursts and wildly varied performances.


Her Australian tour commitments are over – the star vowed never to visit our shores again.

Tour promoter Bizarro said that Banks was late to several commitments throughout the tour and repeatedly threw wrenches into the job, causing confusion on social media.

Bizarro said that Banks was running on her own schedule and seemed ready to “burn every performance to the ground”.


The label confirmed that it had paid the international artist, criticizing her in a lengthy statement provided to the media.


“Despite the fact that we paid our fees to Azilia’s travel agent, we were also led to believe that much of her tour was entirely paid for by her personally, despite her willingness to burn every performance,” Bizarro said in a statement.

“Her slanderous statements made against us personally as individuals and fraudsters are completely false. While we don’t usually expect contract artists to help us promote their show, we certainly have never had an artist work so hard against us.


“We weren’t naive about Azilia’s reputation, but we were thrilled by her as an artist and were convinced that the media was over-hyping the sensationalism and that she meant only good intentions. The lack of care she shows for her team, the people she works with and her fans has been really disappointing.

“She did not attend any press opportunities, she failed to arrive on time for any event, she voluntarily posted inaccurate, disrespectful and defamatory content online, and her lack of care and appreciation for her fans who make such an event possible. was shameful.”

Azealia Banks’ tour troubles began with her first performance at Oakland’s Spark Arena, when fans who had paid over $90 for tickets were furious when her headlining performance was only five songs long.

The following day, her scheduled concert in Melbourne was postponed just hours before the doors were due to open, and Banks criticized her promoters, who in turn blamed her visa issues on her last-minute inability to get from New Zealand. to Australia.


Fans were upset when Banks insisted that the date not be rescheduled, telling them “I’ve got shit to do.”

In fact, the concert was rescheduled and took place on Sunday night, although Banks was almost an hour late to the stage and played only 37 minutes.


On Sunday, December 11, Banks performed to a nearly sold-out crowd at Sydney’s Enmore Theater and presented what was definitely the show of the tour: Arriving on stage just half an hour behind schedule, she performed an hour-long set of 15 songs. all the cult classic hits she’s released over the past decade have been raved about.

A few days later, the wheels came off again as Banks announced at her show in Brisbane that morning that this would not happen.

Cause? Banks has blamed the behavior of the crowd she has played with in the past, telling fans that the last time she was in town, she was hit by a bank while performing.

“I’m a beautiful black woman and I’m not going to be in front of some audience of white people to throw shit at me,” she said.

It was unclear why Banks left it until the morning of the concert to enforce the Brisbane ban, given that her last performance in the city was back in 2013.

Promoters and the venue assured fans that the show would indeed take place before definitively confirming that it had been canceled just a couple of hours before the doors opened.

As ticket holders have complained on social media, Banks made it clear the feeling was mutual, calling it her farewell tour of Australia because the country makes her “completely miserable.”

This isn’t the first time Banks has struggled on an Australian tour. She criticized Australian audiences after performing at Splendor in the Grass in Byron Bay in 2015.

“Really, you guys are a terrible crowd to play,” she tweeted at the time.

“You are aggressive and belligerent, and I simply will not risk my safety. I would walk off the stage if someone threw something.”

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