Avatar The Way of Water Crosses $1 Billion, $300M U.S. –

Any cynicism about a broken Christmas box office, influenced by the weather, is over as the 20th Century Studios/Disney/Lightstorm hits Tuesday. Avatar: The Path of Water racked $23.8M sending his household earnings to $317.1M. Also, the sequel flew past. $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. Director James Cameron has told the media that for the break-even point Avatar: The Path of Water Standing at the $2 billion global mark.

Avatar 2 Its $50.8M offshore on Tuesday, for $74.6M worldwide, for a $712.7M offshore total and a $1.03 billion worldwide total. This is the fastest film to cross the mark in 14 days since last year. Spider-Man: No Way Home. Nancy will have more details later.


Take that on Tuesday Avatar 2 was more than the Tuesday after Christmas. Spider-Man: No Way Home ($21.3M) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ($22.5M), which is part of the James Cameron-directed sequel. Avatar 2 was also higher on the 12th day of its release. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerwhich saw its second Tuesday in 2019 drop on New Year’s Eve and grossed $13.2M.

Rogue One 2016 crossed the $400M stateside mark on its New Year’s Eve Saturday. can do Avatar 2 do the same

Universal/DreamWorks Animations Pus in shoes: Last wish kept strong with $6.7M on Tuesday, -2% of its $6.8M from Monday, Dec. 26, when many people were off work for the holiday. The sequel is running for a total of seven days. $32.8M, 40% behind Song 2 Last year which was also open on Wednesdays.


Disney/Marvel’s 7th Tuesday Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Best holiday newcomers with $1.7M (-17% since Monday), moving up. I want to dance with someone ($1.55M) And Babylon ($1M, -20% from Monday). Running for tomorrow Babylon 5 days is through $5.8M (-22% from Monday) I want to dance with someone is on $8.3M And Wakanda forever is standing on $429.8M


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